Introduction and function of immunoglobulin

Immunoglobulin refers to animal protein with antibody activity. Mainly exists in plasma, but also in other body fluids, tissues and some secreted fluids. Most immunoglobulins in human plasma are present in gamma globulin (γ-globulin). Immunoglobulins can be divided into five categories: IgG, Ig ----more

Talk about Several Misunderstandings in Prepress Proces…

A manuscript manuscript is often processed by many devices to obtain its copy. These devices include input devices, graphics and image processing device output devices. The digital prepress graphic information processing system is open and is not limited to the equipment, materials and processes u ----more

Teach you how to distinguish environmentally friendly f…

[Chinese wardrobe network] First, buy the first three to see a copy of the inspection report to be stamped Question: The inspection reports used in the market are different. There are inspections by local inspection agencies, as well as in the field, there are copies, and the origina ----more

Analysis of Feeding Sheet Failure Caused by Feeding Noz…

The paper feeding adjustment of a sheet-fed offset press is an important preparatory work before printing. Improper adjustment can cause various paper feed failures. Feida's head adjustments include the following: paper nozzles, paper feed nozzles, paper presses, paper presses, pressers, loose ----more

EU will invest 18 million euros to fund environmental p…

On the 15th local time, the Critical Ecosystem Cooperation Fund (CEPF) officially announced in India that the European Commission will become its new partner, investing 18 million euros (about 147 million yuan) to help Africa Government organizations to protect some of the most important ecosystem ----more

Screen printing technology in carton packaging printing

Web Rotation Screen printing uses a nickel metal round screen plate, a built-in doctor blade, and an automatic ink supply system. The doctor blade transfers the printing ink from the circular screen plate to the surface of the substrate supported by the impression cylinder. The entire printing pro ----more

Non-printable design

Rely on the monitor of the computer to choose the color; Use light colors to reverse white; Prefer font sizes of 8point or less; Use more than ten fonts in the same layout; Forget to reserve the bleeding position; Forgot to link the picture information to the publication file; Output with RG ----more