Robot controller

The EC-201 stacker robot supports the latest FA01 controller. The FA01 controller is designed specifically for the Fuji Stack operating system, which doubles the stack receiving memory, adds a central location for servo amplifier parameter settings, and reduces spare parts. The device supports a n ----more

Ink failure during printing (8-10)

Eight ink powder (flaking) The ink on a print can be wiped off like a dry powder after drying. The reason is: (1) A large amount of binder material in the ink penetrates into the paper, causing the ink to lose its tackiness, and the particles of the pigment are too coarse. (2) The binder in the ----more

Visual identification pattern for printed documents

【Patent Type】 Invention Patent 【Patent Name】 Visible Identification Pattern for Printed Document 【Applicant】 Media Security Technology Co., Ltd. [Inventor] Zhao Jian; J. Pickard; N. Tovitt 【The Principal Applicant's Address ] Germany Isen [applicati ----more

Liquid food fresh-keeping box with identifier in box ro…

[patent type] utility model [patent name] A liquid food preservation box with an identifier in the box roof [applicant] Wang Weizhi [inventor] Wang Weizhi [main applicant address] 611731 Tianhe Road, West District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China Number [application number] 200520033423.X 【 Applica ----more

Preservative and storage agent medicine bag

【patent type】 utility model 【patent name】 a preservation and storage agent medicine bag 【Applicant】 Chen Meiping [Inventor] Chen Meiping; Ying Xiong; Ying Danqing; Ying Zhehong [main applicant address] 210007 Nanjing, Jiangsu Province No. 35, 3-102, No. 35 of ----more

Continuous renovation of meat packaging

Tyson Foods of Springdale, Arkansas, USA, has introduced a number of new products, including their Trimmed and Ready series. The series was launched in June with Tyson boneless and fresh chicken breast. This kind of chicken breast uses a resealable outer packaging, which is divided into multiple s ----more

Economic circles talk about circular economy and green …

The packaging industry has become an important part of the national economy: but it is also an industry that consumes resources and pollutes the environment. The environmental pollution caused by packaging waste has seriously affected the sustainable development of the social economy. Therefore, e ----more