On the Phenomenon of Outputting the Company's Trans…

Perhaps the printing industry will still remember the splendor of the output center. Today, in the face of fierce competition from competitors and the impact of the new technology CTP, most output centers have entered a low period of development. Where are the new profit growth points? The output ----more

New built-in steel pipe plastic trays are available

Recently, the built-in steel pipe plastic tray invented by Wu Haiming, general manager of Ningbo Changyi Plastics Co., Ltd. has been patented, patent number: ZL200520102726.2. This new type of pallet has been designed to enhance the design of the traditional plastic pallet structure. After the fo ----more

Data Flow Transmission and Control in Digital Process

In the field of modern printing production, digital workflow has become an inevitable trend of development. While the digital technology revolution brought many advantages to the printing industry, it also brought some new problems that needed to be solved. The job information in the digital work ----more

Wayne Provides AAPPI with New Extrusion Film Technology

Wayne Machine designed and built a five-layer yellow jacketed laboratory blown/cast film line for the Advanced Applied Polymer Processing Institute (AAPPI) in Danville, Virginia, USA. The system is based on a new yellow-jacketed die technology and can produce 5-layer blow/cast plastic films in AB ----more

Packaging Printing Pollution and Environmental Protecti…

1 Packaging Printing and Life Today's society has grown to the point where all goods need to be packaged and the packaging needs to be printed. Printing is the most important means of packaging and processing of product packaging. Unprinted packaging is almost unimaginable. Printing plays a r ----more

Epson A2+ format professional printers available on the…

Not long ago, Epson introduced the Epson Stylus Pro3800C, a new network printer based on the A2+ format. As a professional image printer, its practical compact, noble and elegant design and light and flexible user-friendly concept of use meet the needs of professional image office environment outp ----more

METTLER TOLEDO Instruments: PI Solutions in the Pharmac…

PI (product testing) products include checkweighers, metal detectors, X-rays, etc. They are widely used on the packaging line in the pharmaceutical industry. METTLER TOLEDO is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation/weighing equipment and introduced advanced online inspection systems for the Chi ----more