Alternative use of cotton pads

Most practical: lotion mask To do this: use a large cotton pad, after the lotion is applied, tear it into 5 pieces or more, and stick it on different parts such as forehead, cheek, chin, etc. If you want the effect to be good, then wrap the face with plastic wrap to create artificial water. The ef ----more

Summer Skin Care Guide: Six Tips for Preventing Cosmeti…

I want to love beauty and I am afraid of allergies. Of course, we must choose cosmetics carefully! The variety of skin care products on the market, mostly composed of chemicals, can improve many skin problems. Cosmetic sensitization is caused by the use of cosmetics that do not match the skin text ----more

Sticker printing concept

Self-adhesive printing is based on the printing of product labels and signage as the main product. It is also called trademark printing. Self-adhesive printing, use special composite paper for printing. The paper must be prefabricated by a paper mill. It is generally coated on the back of the sub ----more

Characteristics, maintenance and identification of old …

Redwood naming According to national standards, the scope of "redwood" is determined to be 5 genera and 8 classes. 5 genera are named after the genus of tree science, namely, genus Pterocarpus, Dalbergia, genus and genus. Class 8 is named after the trade name of wood, namely rosewoo ----more

Security door knowledge

Performance standards and classification of security doors The full name of the security door is called "anti-theft security door". It is equipped with anti-theft and security features. According to the "General Technical Conditions for Security Doors", qualified security d ----more

Photography Knowledge Popularity: (1) Common Terms in D…

List of common terms in digital cameras 1.AE lock AE is the abbreviation of Automatic Exposure automatic exposure control device, AE lock is locked in a AE setting, used for automatic exposure control of exposure, to ensure normal subject exposure. There are a few things to note when using AE l ----more

Hefei waste paper recovery prices stabilized

Since 2008, due to the financial crisis, the purchase price of scrap in Hefei, Anhui province has risen and fell like a roller coaster, causing a huge impact on the scrap purchase industry. It was learned from the waste recycling market in the provincial capital that the prices of waste paper and ----more