Market requirements for the packaging industry

Technological innovation has generated tremendous impetus in the packaging industry. Both Heinz Group and Qiang Brew Beer Co., Ltd. strive to pass positive energy to consumers on the outer packaging of products and soft light when they open the package. Constant changes in consumer h ----more

Human Glutathione (GSH) ELISA Test Kit

This kit can only be used for scientific research, and should not be used for medical diagnosis. Human glutathione (GSH) ELISA test kit Instructions for use The kit uses a double antibody one-step sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The coated microcapsules, which were previously coa ----more

Daily broadcast - Put the sun in a pocket ~ Solar cells…

Daily broadcast - Put the sun in a pocket - a solar cell that can be rolled up. New Zealand's outdoor brand Icebreaker officially entered China. SYMPATEX creditors refused to accept their early repayment bonds. Harbin Primary and Secondary schools will offer courses such as curling skiing. Sp ----more

Comparison of ozone aging test chamber standards with s…

The ozone aging test chamber GB/T13642-1992 standard is compared with the current similar standards in several developed countries, as shown in the following table. Comparison of GB/T13642-1992 standard of ozone aging test chamber with similar foreign standards Smart Thermometers Smart meat t ----more

Which brand of inverter air conditioner is good? Invert…

The inverter air conditioner is a special compressor for frequency conversion based on the ordinary air conditioner, and the frequency conversion control system is added. Its basic structure and cooling principle are exactly the same as ordinary air conditioners. So which brand of inv ----more

Long-distance runners, protect your knees

The cause of a knee injury may be a one-step thing, but the recovery of a knee injury is not the case. As the weakest joint in human evolution, it connects the longest bone in the body, the most powerful muscle. The pressure to bear can be imagined. To fully recover, it is not ----more

Which sofa brand is good? How about the Land Rover sofa

Which sofa brand is good? How about the Land Rover sofa? With the improvement of living standards, people have stricter requirements in terms of consumption. For example, they like to buy branded products, and the same is true for sofa purchases. But which sofa brand is good? Many people ha ----more