Japan launches food packaging functional paper

Mishima Paper Co., Ltd. has recently developed new products for the food packaging industry, such as absorbent paper MAS, food packaging paper MFD, and water-resistant paper MWS. The biggest feature of MAS is its ability to absorb water, and its fibers can also absorb water. MAS can be used as a ----more

SPS Superplasticizer - A New Way to Recycle Used Plasti…

Recently, the new product technology appraisal meeting hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission has learned that the SPS superplasticizer series developed by the scientists of the Guangzhou Institute of Chemicals, Chinese Academy of Sciences can give concrete good plasticit ----more

Breakthrough in domestic drug packaging testing

At the China Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo held in Xiamen, the color medicine detection system developed by Xi'an Zhixin Control System Co., Ltd. was welcomed by people in the industry. The image type color medicine on-line detection system utilizes the principle of computer vision and adopts ----more

National ink production rankings in June 2004

June 2004 National Ink Production Official Statistics (Unit: Tons): Roller SkateGo Kart Toy,Kiddy Kart,Street Gliders,Flash Roller SkateKids Scooter,Flashing Roller Skate Co., Ltd. , http://www.wideland-sports.com ----more

Nestlé's new golden packaging powder debut

Coley Porter Bell, a London design consultancy, and Design Bridge, together with Rockware Glass and Crown Massmould, created a new coffee packaging can for Nestle Gold Blend. New listing is one of Nestlé's strategies to open the ready-to-drink coffee market. The brand new packaging will int ----more

How to pay attention to dark and light ink deployment?

The deployment of spot color inks includes the formulation of light inks and the deployment of dark inks. All the inks that are added to the original ink with a dilute agent are pale inks. The diluting agent is mainly used when the ink is blended, and the primary ink is the auxiliary. Here are som ----more