Redwood furniture "certificate card" can not …

The "new national standard" specification is too loose? Compared with the “severity” of the new national standard for children’s furniture, is the “new national standard” of mahogany furniture too “loose”? Many people in the industry thought th ----more

IT family training method during lunch break

Take a deep breath: Lift your arms to expand your chest, chest and abdominal breathing. Role: Remove exhaust gas, calm nerves, eliminate brain fatigue. Head and neck: The head is looped, alternately in the opposite direction. Repeat every few hours. Shake your head and nod your head alternately. ----more

Business Protection of Trademarks

Any words, names, or combinations of these elements that are used to indicate the identity of a product and to distinguish it from other products manufactured and sold by other manufacturers and traders are included in the scope of protection of the trademark. Different countries have different t ----more

Inkjet print heads "immortal die"

All EPSON printers use a design approach in which the nozzle and the ink cartridge are separated. Using a piezoelectric nozzle, there is no heating during the inkjet process, that is, "cold spraying." This kind of equipment design is very precise, especially the nozzle part. And EPSON ----more

Select material for in-mold label printing

The in-mold label is to embed the printed label into the container during the blow molding or injection molding process so that the label and the container are integrated. The basic process of in-mold labeling in the blowing process: the pre-printed in-mold labels (pre-labels and back labels) are ----more

All-aluminum modular fence system introduction

With the popularity of tennis, both athletes and tennis court operators have gradually increased their requirements for supporting facilities. In traditional sports field fences, there are seine network lines exposed, and flat irons are fixed, which can easily lead to variations in the fenc ----more

Simple cloth wardrobe installation skills

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In recent years, the simple wardrobe has been gradually portable by consumers because it is easy to carry and can be folded and has the basic functions of other wardrobes. A simple wardrobe for simple cloth wardrobes, ideal for renting a house or student in a ----more