Heidelberg K series offset press failure and elimination (1)

Fault 1: The bad taste of the printed product causes wrinkling: 1 The gap between the front pawl and the paper feed pin is too large, and the paper edge is stuck on the paper edge that has not been released at the bottom dead center, curling, and rotten paper.
2 The former rule gave way late or gave way, and broke the paper edge sandwiched between paper teeth;
3 Swing paper feed kick paper;
4 The swinging feed paper interferes with the impression cylinder, or the paper feed port is not even, and the two ends are of different heights;
5 embossing roller teeth bad paper mouth;
6 side pull paper is improper, paper is easy to wrinkle when it is thin;
7 The temperature of the environment is large, or improper storage keeps the paper damp;
Remedy: 1 Adjust the front gauge paper limit screw, so that the paper stopper is inserted into the gap of the paper feeding board 1mm (depending on the need of the mouthpiece, the degree of paper edge is not to touch the paper clamp);
(2) repair the front gauge to wear out the cam surface or pressure rod surface, so that swinging paper mouth teeth to maintain about 3mm;
3 correctly adjust the height of the paperboard, so that the intersection of the board surface and the delivery of the tooth pad work surface, or slightly higher than the tooth pad surface of about 0.5-l
Mm is appropriate;
4 Adjust the two fine-tuning screws on the tray holder so that it is about 1mm away from the impression cylinder and the mouthpiece is suitable;
5A, repair the worn cam opener cam face;
B. If the roller is not connected properly (in this case, the bite is larger), pull out the transfer tooth of the transfer roller on the impression roller to control the positioning pin of the cam, check whether there is any bend or break mark, and loosen the fastening bolt. Return the control cam counterclockwise to the first position;
C. If the roller bite is small, then only need to move the control cam clockwise, and then tighten the position; D, this cam has been adjusted and fastened before leaving the factory, generally can not be easily adjusted, only when the machine is repaired Or other ways to consider adjustments when troubleshooting does not work.
6 Carefully adjust the side profile so that the thin paper passes smoothly;
7 Recycle the paper to reduce the ambient humidity.

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