In the autumn and winter, care for your lips and say goodbye to everyday bad habits.

White skin, gentle hair is shaking your beauty, but if the lip color is dull and bloody, it is difficult to show the charm with careful makeup. We all know that color not only affects the visual effect of the lips, but too much keratin causes the lipstick to peel or crack, looks dirty, and the image is seriously reduced. In addition, the lips are also the most prone to the old parts. The fine lines of the lips, like the crow's feet, are among the culprit of ageing.

In the autumn and winter, care for your lips and say goodbye to everyday bad habits.

1, the characteristics of the lips

Understand the beauty of the lips, first understand the characteristics of the lips , in order to understand the importance of nursing, and understand the principles of nursing, and thus get twice the result with half the effort. There are no sweat glands and pores in the lips, it can not secrete sweat and sebum, can not form an oil-water protective film, and is easily damaged by external stimuli.

In addition, the epidermis of the lips is 50% thinner than other parts of the skin, sensitive to climate change, ultraviolet rays, dryness will induce fine lines and keratin, cleft palate and other symptoms. The above reasons are caused by the fact that the temperature difference is large during the season or autumn and winter, and the lips are prone to chapped.

The human body is aging, the muscles around the lips are lost, and the lips are deformed. It seems that the boundary is widened, while the red part is relatively thin, and wrinkles are constantly emerging. In order to prevent such a phenomenon, careful care must be taken from now on.

In the autumn and winter, care for your lips and say goodbye to everyday bad habits.

2, the bad habit of destroying the lips

It is more important to maintain good habits in daily life than to apply expensive nutritional skin care products. The worst habit is that the lips are unconsciously licking the lips when they dry, which actually takes away the moisture from the lips.

Saliva contains digestive enzymes such as amylase and maltase, which are the cause of irritating the skin of the lips, deteriorating inflammation, destroying the protective film of the skin, and splitting the lips. Due to the above habits, the lips are cleft, and in order to make the lips look smooth, the figure is convenient to tear off the floating keratin. This will cause 2 infections and even pus for skin damage and should be corrected.

In the autumn and winter, care for your lips and say goodbye to everyday bad habits.

3, lip protection method

Want to make the lips moist and elastic, change the bad habits, but also implement a variety of care methods.

First of all, like the face, clean your lips when cleaning. Although it is invisible to the naked eye, there are still lipstick residue, pearl powder, wax, grease, etc. between the fine lines of the lips, which can easily cause damage to the skin. When removing the key makeup, apply makeup remover on the cotton pad and rub the entire lip along the vertical texture. Be careful not to use too much force.

In addition, when the horniness of the lips is peeling, do not tear it off directly with a hand, take a steam towel to soothe it, then gently peel off the dead skin, immediately apply the essence or nutrient cream to replenish moisture. It is recommended to apply a lip stick or lip protectant before applying lipstick.

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