Method for reducing noise pollution in interior decoration

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] From a physiological point of view, any sound that interferes with people's rest, study and work, that is, unwanted sounds, is collectively referred to as noise. When noise causes adverse effects on people and the surrounding environment, noise pollution is formed. So, is there any way to reduce the noise pollution in the room when we are decorating the house?

1. The wall should not be too smooth.

The walls are too smooth and any sound will reverberate, increasing the volume of the noise. Therefore, you can use decorative materials such as wallpapers that have better sound absorption. In addition, you can also use the decorative materials such as cultural stone to make the surface of the wall rough, so that the sound waves are refracted multiple times, thus weakening the noise. You can also consider hanging pictures on the wall to decorate and reduce noise.

2. The indoor light should be soft.

The glare or dazzling floors, ceilings, and walls can interfere with the central nervous system of the human body, making people feel upset and making people particularly sensitive to noise. Therefore, soft light can not reduce the noise in the room, but it can increase your "resistance."

3. Use wooden furniture to absorb noise.

Wood fiber furniture is porous and absorbs noise. However, the furniture should not be too much or too little. Too much will be due to crowded east and west collisions, increasing the sound; too little will make the sound resonate indoors.

4. Change the windows facing the street into soundproof windows.

The so-called soundproof window is to separate the sound with two layers of windows. The gaps in each window are blocked as much as possible. This method is suitable for all places with noise interference. In addition, you can also use double glazing, the sound insulation effect of this new glass is also better.

5. Clever use of fabric products.

The sound absorption of fabric products is well known, so the use of fabric to eliminate noise is also a more common method. Among the many fabric products, the sound insulation of curtains is the most important.

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