Select material for in-mold label printing

The in-mold label is to embed the printed label into the container during the blow molding or injection molding process so that the label and the container are integrated. The basic process of in-mold labeling in the blowing process: the pre-printed in-mold labels (pre-labels and back labels) are stacked in a single sheet format and placed in the two label boxes of the in-mold labeling machine. .
With the opening of the bottle mold, the robot picks up the front label and the back label, the label printing surface faces inwards, the solid adhesive surface faces outwards and is placed on both sides of the mold. The vacuum hole on the mold firmly holds the label. In the mold.
When the raw material of the plastic bottle is heated and hangs down in a hose-like form, the labelled mold quickly closes and the air is blown into the hose so that it closely contacts the mold wall. This is the blow molding process. At this time, the temperature in the entire mold is still relatively high, and the label-shaped solid adhesive close to the preform of the bottle body starts to melt and is combined with the plastic bottle body. When the mold is opened again, the plastic bottle body is molded and the label is integrated with the bottle body.
In-mold label materials The film materials used in the selection of in-mold labels are classified into paper and film. Ordinary synthetic paper has poor surface smoothness, low strength, no elastic deformation, and is not suitable for high-grade color printing, and is generally suitable for applications of large-area barrels.
The unique multi-layer co-extruded face material of film material has a smooth surface suitable for a variety of printing methods, and the process of label processing will not cause overprinting or inaccurate die cutting due to deformation, among which materials such as Primax, FasClear, etc. can be stretched and contracted. The plastic bottle body can be deformed along with the deformation of the bottle body, and the wrinkling of the label will not appear on the surface of the bottle body.
The surface of the film material does not absorb ink, so the label printed by the film material has a bright color, a strong three-dimensional effect, and the color effect is obviously better than the paper material, and is suitable for high-end color printing and generally suitable for various kinds of delicate products. PE, PP or a combination of PE and PP.

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