Inkjet print heads "immortal die"

All EPSON printers use a design approach in which the nozzle and the ink cartridge are separated. Using a piezoelectric nozzle, there is no heating during the inkjet process, that is, "cold spraying." This kind of equipment design is very precise, especially the nozzle part. And EPSON's ink is "fast-drying", so long-term idle can easily cause the print head nozzle to be plugged.

The conventional solution is to use the "cleaning" function in the driver, but this function is achieved by flushing the ink with the nozzle, and the cost of the ink is high, so the waste is very serious. So here Xiaobian introduces a little trick to everyone.

The idea is this: There are two main reasons why the nozzles are plugged. One is that the printer does not use the printer for a long time. The ink evaporates from the nozzles and becomes dry toner, which is plugged into the nozzle. The other is that the mixed ink is mixed with the original ink, resulting in neutralization due to different electrification of the colloid, forming a precipitate and plugging the nozzle. This is most likely to occur for black ink. The problem is solved if we leave the nozzle without ink for a long time without use, and before the new ink is filled, let the printer not have the original ink.

The implementation method is very simple: First, you must make a self-cleaning cartridge: find a few ink cartridges (see your printer using several cartridges at the same time), pry it open, take out the foam inside, and find a bubble of similar size (find If you do not use the original one, but you want to clean it, put it in clean water together with the empty ink cartridge (If you do not trust, you can use pure water, it is best to soak for some time). After cleaning, let the foam absorb pure water and replace the empty cartridge. A cleaning cartridge is ready.

The use is very simple: remove the existing ink cartridge from the printer, install the cleaning ink cartridge, and use the printer's cleaning nozzle function to clean the print head multiple times. It is also possible to print a picture with a variety of colors. When no color is visible, the nozzle is cleaned.

Once the method is in place, we should apply this method in a timely manner. First, before you plan to use it for a long period of time (or simply before work every day), and second, before you plan to replace the ink cartridge or fill the ink.

Now Canon's latest S-Series printers also use this technology to separate the printhead from the cartridge. We can make it according to the law to prevent the nozzle from being blocked. In addition, it is best not to use the ink refilling method to save costs, and inferior ink can easily cause nozzle clogging.

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