When UV Printing Causes the Worksheet to Be Discarded

When performing UV printing, sometimes the graphic of the previous worksheet will appear on the subsequent print, causing the image that should not appear on the print of the next print, resulting in the occurrence of waste sheets.

Why do we need to change the printing plate to start the next print job, and the previous print image will appear on the print sheet. There are two reasons for the analysis. One is that some components of the UV ink in the image partially penetrate into the blanket, and the cleaning ability of the UV car wash water is improved. Poor, resulting in the previous printing on the blanket of UV ink is not completely washed, resulting in the previous print image is transferred to the next print on the print; Second, due to poor quality of car wash water or The rubber material does not match the characteristics of the blanket. When the blanket is cleaned, the non-graphical part of the rubber material bulges, the outer dimensions of the blanket cylinder change or the blanket is loose, and the local printing pressure during printing is too large or too small. It is possible to transfer the outline of the previous print image to the next print.

Most of the former reasons appear on the initial printed sheets of the next print. After several dozen sheets of paper have been removed, the residual ink on the original image on the blanket is transferred, and the fault will be resolved to some extent. The latter reason is due to the improper selection of car wash water, which has caused partial uneven deformation of the blanket, which will inevitably cause the loss or deformation of the existing network of graphic parts. In particular, the localized expansion and deformation of blankets is equivalent to the uneven printing pressure between the blanket and the substrate, which inevitably results in more severe mechanical dot changes. This uneven printing pressure is more difficult to control. It cannot be completely resolved by other adjustment methods.

Therefore, it is very important to wash blankets with UV inks using high-quality UV car wash water. In order to choose the right UV car wash water, you must first clearly understand the UV blanket. UV blanket not only contains EPDN, but also contains natural rubber. It must have good corrosion resistance to be suitable for UV ink printing and UV car wash water cleaning. Enterprises can carry out the matching test of blankets and inks and the matching of blankets and car wash water in accordance with ISO 12636 standards. Second, the performance of UV car wash water directly affects the cleaning effect of the blanket and the impact on the performance of the blanket. High-quality UV car wash water is formulated with high quality formula and high purity. It has no damage to the printing machine and has a high flash point (60oC). It has the advantages of fast cleaning speed, good cleaning effect, reduced downtime, and effective restoration of rubber surface characteristics. Create a safe printing production environment and improve the operating environment, so that the blanket can maintain a good ink transfer, and the amount of province, effectively reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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