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The dining table should be round or square

The dining table should be round or square: China's traditional cosmology is a "round place", so most of the daily utensils are round and square, and the traditional table is a typical example. The traditional table shape is like a full moon, which symbolizes a reunion of young and old, intimate, and disturbing the popularity. It can well set off the atmosphere of eating and has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

As for the square dining table, the small one can only sit four people, called the four fairy tables; the big one can sit eight people, also known as the Eight Immortals table, because it symbolizes the Eight Immortals gathering, it is also very auspicious, Founder is stable, symbolizing fairness and stability, although four sides It has a horn, but it is not lethal because it is not a sharp corner, so it is easy to adopt.

Since the shape of the table affects the atmosphere of the meal, the wooden round table or square table is suitable when the family is small, and the elliptical or rectangular table is suitable for a large population.

The texture of the table should be particular

The texture of the dining table should be emphasized: the surface of the dining table is easy to clean, the marble and glass are harder and colder, and the artistic sense is stronger. However, because it is easy to absorb the energy generated by the human diet, it is not conducive to the discussion and communication of the diners. Therefore, it should not be used all at the dining table, but it can be reconciled by shape and texture, such as a round marble dining table or a square wooden table. These combinations will bring good effects.

The table is the most taboo

The table is most apt to have sharp corners: the sharper the angle of the sharp corner, the sharper the sharpness, and the greater the lethality is considered taboo in Feng Shui, because the triangular table will lead to discord between the family and the health of the family, and the prismatic table will lead to money. Leakage and so on.

As for the wavy water-shaped dining table, although it does not conform to the tradition, it is barely selectable because it has no sharp corners. In short, the table is always round and square.

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