How does the carton compression machine test the carton?

How does the carton compression machine test the carton? Carton boxes are everywhere around us. They are also used in many applications. Some customers are also very demanding and need to meet the requirements of customers. For carton manufacturers, the carton compression machine is an essential equipment for testing. Below, Haida Xiaobian introduces the test method of carton compression machine for everyone's reference:

First, the use of the process and test methods:

1 , determine the carton safety anti-stress, weight quality standards , both indicators can be obtained through the formula , the indicators are determined depending on the internal and external sales and storage period varies .

2, the contents of the carton has a support, a suitable visual reality fix anti-stress index value, the code pestle quality index must be determined by a formula.

Second, the basic principle :

1. The value of the safety and anti-pressure value of the same box is equal to the stacking quality. The minimum value of the anti-pressure of the sample is not less than the value of the safety anti-pressure; 2. The stacking test is determined by detecting the average value of the anti-pressure peak of the 6 boxes. Eligibility.

Third, the process and methods :

First, experience the test data to understand the carton anti pressure peak deviation situation , in the standard atmospheric conditions: by the handling, transportation, storage and other conditions of the same double corrugated cardboard boxes peak pressure Max deviation from the minimum value of Min about 28 %, The single-wall corrugated box had an offset of approximately 33 % , and individual boxes with severe damage were excluded.


Fourth, determine the average standard safety pressure resistance :

1. The average value of the standard safety and anti-pressure of the double corrugated carton shall normally be 1.15 for the safety and pressure resistance (higher than the safety value of 15 %);

2. The average value of the standard safety and anti-pressure resistance of single corrugated box is 1.18 which is safe against pressure, and the peak value of pressure resistance of the 6 -sample carton is detected under the standard state;

3 , find the sample carton anti-pressure peak arithmetic average , sample carton anti-pressure peak arithmetic average value is greater than the standard safety anti-pressure average , then the batch of carton qualified , otherwise it is unqualified.


Fifth, test pretreatment status:

After the 24h pretreatment carton (typically cartons user fairness unconditionally test means can test the authority) under standard test re-test state, the moisture carton dynamic equilibrium state.


Sixth, sample extraction points:

1. In the trial production phase of new products , the difference between non-printing and die-cutting strength after sampling sample printing and die-cutting process is about 5-20%, so the state of the sample and batch product should be kept basically the same .

2. The sampling of batch products should meet the principle of statistical probability . After many years of practical experience , the sample sample should be taken from 6 different 3 packages , which can reduce the risk of misjudgment.


Seven results:

1. If the carton pressure tested in the standard state has a box force value lower than the anti-pressure indicator , it can be determined that the lottery box is unqualified .

2 , to improve the efficiency of stacking test: Stacking code testing often takes a long time , the economic, effective assessment method is still in the stage of exploration ,

How does the carton compression machine test the carton? The above is a basic process for carton testing by the carton compression machine. We hope to help everyone. As a manufacturer, we can customize according to customer requirements. You are welcome to inquire.

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