Shanghai Xinzhuang ultrasonic cell pulverizer instrument

Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. develops the ultrasonic cell crusher of Xinzhuang (LNB) brand, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly and leading domestically. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable. Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ultra-clean workbench, providing clean and clean workbench for sterile, dust-free and clean environment for medical and health, pharmaceutical preparations, purification engineering and other fields, and more ultra-clean work. For information, please contact Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument Co., Ltd., and look forward to your consultation!

1. For the amount of various cell disruptions, the length of time, and the size of the power, the user needs to determine according to various cells and select the best value. The output power of this instrument is relatively large. If the Ф2, Ф3 or Ф6 horn is used, the power should be turned smaller to avoid overloading and rupture of the horn. Ranger power range horn range Power range Φ2 2~20% Φ3 3~30% Φ6 10~50% Φ10 >18% Φ15 >22% Φ20 >30% 2. It is forbidden to insert the horn into the liquid. Turn on when (no load), otherwise the transducer or ultrasonic generator will be damaged.

3. The temperature protection set point must be 5 °C higher than the room temperature or sample temperature. When temperature protection occurs, press SET for more than 4 seconds to reset the protection value. When setting the wrong temperature, you can also press the SET button for more than 4 seconds to reset. 4. After a certain period of time, the end of the horn will be corroded and corroded, and it can be flattened with oil stone or trowel, otherwise it will affect the working effect. 5. The use of the horn selection switch is used to match the frequency and impedance of the horn and generator of different specifications. If the frequency of the transducer assembly does not match the impedance of the generator, the ultrasound will not work. When a new instrument or a new horn is used, the selector switch should be in the corresponding position. When the horn is worn, the switch can be toggled until the ultrasonic operation is normal. At this time, the gear position does not necessarily correspond to the horn specifications. The horn selector switch of the ultrasonic cell pulverizer is generally placed at the position corresponding to the horn. When the horn is worn, the user can freely select the gear until the ultrasonic operation is normal. At this time, the gear and the amplitude change Rod specifications do not necessarily correspond. 6, no need to preheat, the use should have a good grounding. 7. When the ultrasonic is broken, the liquid will rise rapidly due to the cavitation effect of the ultrasonic wave in the liquid, and the user should pay more attention to the temperature of various cells. It is recommended to use multiple times of crushing in a short time (no more than 5 seconds each time), and it can be cooled by an ice bath. 8. The ultrasonic cell pulverizer uses a switching power supply without a power frequency transformer. Do not touch it after opening the generator casing to prevent electric shock. The instrument has reliable performance and is generally not easily damaged. 9. The ultrasonic cell pulverizer should be placed in a place where it is dry, free of moisture, direct sunlight, and no corrosive gas. 10, practice shows: a short time of multiple work, working time 1-2 seconds, gap time 1-2 seconds, better than continuous long-term work. To prevent liquid heat, set a longer gap time. In addition, uninterrupted long-term work is easy to form no-load, shortening the service life of the instrument.

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