Key technologies for new environmentally friendly polyurethane retreaded tires

Tyre treads must be filled with carbon black and carcinogenic aromatic oils, which are dispersed in the air as the tread wears, seriously polluting the environment. Cast polyurethane elastomer is currently the most wear-resistant elastomer, with high wear resistance, colorability, high resistance to bar, excellent resistance to oil and chemical resistance, etc., and no toxic effects on the human body, but also completely biodegradable, also Without adding carbon black and aromatic oils, it is an ideal material for the manufacture of tire treads.
South China University of Technology and Guangzhou Huagong Baichuan Automatic Control Technology Co., Ltd. jointly studied the key technologies of polyurethane retreaded tires, making the commercial application of polyurethane treads a reality. 1. Using nano-technology to improve the thermal stability of polyurethane elastomer to the maximum use temperature of 120 °C; 2. Developed a low cost, easy to use, effective rubber surface treatment agent and adhesive, so that the polyurethane tread and ordinary Rubber can be firmly bonded together. The practical mileage of polyurethane tread can be 1 to 2 times higher than that of ordinary tires, and at the same time it can eliminate a large amount of pollution of carbon black and aromatic oils to the environment, which is a new way to improve the performance of retreaded tires.
The superior features of polyurethane retreaded tyres: 1. The tread material does not contain the toxic oil; 2. It does not contain carbon black and can keep the environment clean when the tread wears; 3. Can be completely biodegraded and will not cause environmental pollution; 4 , low rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption of the car; 5, polyurethane tread wear in the process does not produce marks, is an ideal industrial material to keep the environment clean; 6, compared with ordinary natural rubber tires have excellent solvent oil, fuel oil And chemical resistance, is an ideal choice for special occasions such as oil depots and docks.

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