How to pay attention to dark and light ink deployment?

The deployment of spot color inks includes the formulation of light inks and the deployment of dark inks. All the inks that are added to the original ink with a dilute agent are pale inks. The diluting agent is mainly used when the ink is blended, and the primary ink is the auxiliary. Here are some things to note:

(1) Select the appropriate diluting agent according to the color sample;

(2) According to the chromatogram and the original, determine the proportion of the original ink and the diluent;

(3) Add the selected primary inks one by one in order from light to dark;

(4) Add inks in descending order according to the blending ratio;

(5) After uniform deployment, use a scraper to scrape a small color sample and compare it with the original, or open the ink on the paper, that is, take the ink of the same size as the mung bean on the paper, and then another paper cover In the above contrast the ink;

(6) Minimize the use of inks of different colors, otherwise the gloss of the formulated ink will be reduced and the ink will be dark;

(7) The paper used for the sample is preferably the same as the printing paper. The observation of the color paper and the sample must be performed under the same standard light source.

In the deployment of dark ink, the method is basically the same as the deployment of light ink, but it should be noted:

(1) The main color is used as the main ink, supplemented with other inks. During the deployment, firstly analyze the light and dark relationship between the main color ink and the auxiliary color ink, then weigh the ink, set the main color ink on the ink mixing table, slowly add the auxiliary color ink and mix evenly, and then observe the difference from the original color sample by comparing the methods. Until it matches.

(2) Choose the ink that is close to the desired hue for deployment. According to the principle of subtractive color, the color after mixing will become gray, the more the number of primary color inks, the darker the color, and the lower the brightness of the brightness and color. Therefore, in the deployment of ink, you must choose color inks with similar color requirements to avoid the deployment of a variety of color ink. For example, dark browns are usually formulated with red ink and yellow ink with dark ink.

(3) Pay attention to the color shift of the ink. Ink is usually some color cast, such as reddish, bluish, yellow, etc., when the deployment of ink must control the color of each color ink.

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