Japan launches food packaging functional paper

Mishima Paper Co., Ltd. has recently developed new products for the food packaging industry, such as absorbent paper MAS, food packaging paper MFD, and water-resistant paper MWS.

The biggest feature of MAS is its ability to absorb water, and its fibers can also absorb water. MAS can be used as a film to absorb dew, such as ham and sausages, absorb the thinness of fresh food drips, and films of cosmetics and hygienic materials.

MFD has heat sealing property, air permeability, oil resistance, water resistance, safety and harmlessness. MFD can be expected as a packaging material for frozen foods heated by electronic waves, and it is currently used to package hamburgers.

MWS has good water resistance and air permeability, and can be expected to be used in food packaging materials, dew condensation absorbent films and other fields. At present, MWS has been applied to the vacuum packaging of wine trough foods, and it is compounded with other materials. As a wrapper for multi-moisture semi-finished foods, MWS gives full play to its advantages of mildew proof, water absorption and water resistance.

According to reports, these new products have the advantages of cost-effectiveness and environmental protection; they can also be used in other fields in addition to packaging materials.

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