SPS Superplasticizer - A New Way to Recycle Used Plastics

Recently, the new product technology appraisal meeting hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission has learned that the SPS superplasticizer series developed by the scientists of the Guangzhou Institute of Chemicals, Chinese Academy of Sciences can give concrete good plasticity, water resistance and frost resistance. Fusion performance, it provides a new way for the recycling of waste plastics, which can partially solve the problem of white pollution caused by waste plastics on the environment, and has obvious advantages in cost-effectiveness compared with similar products on the market, with obvious social, economic and environmental benefits. .

The scientific and technical personnel of the Guangzhou Institute of Chemicals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are brave enough to open up and actively explore ways to industrialize scientific and technological achievements. Guangzhou Hanbang Chemical Co., Ltd. is the product of the cooperation provided by the company Zengcheng Yutong Economic and Trade Co., Ltd., and it has been a major chemical company since 2003. The product is a SPS superplasticizer developed by scientists of the Guangzhou Chemical Institute after years of development. One result has created an industry.

According to reports, water-reducing agent is an essential material for cement mixing in construction projects, and SPS superplasticizer has the advantage that general water-reducing agent does not have. It is mainly composed of waste polystyrene plastic, and is compared with polystyrene. Easily introduce the nature of ionic groups, through the chemical reaction, the ionic group is introduced into the waste polystyrene benzene ring, so that the modified waste polystyrene has the function of surfactant, which can make the cement particles and its hydration The particles repel each other due to the same kind of charge, causing the cement to lose its ability to wrap the mixing water and achieve water reduction. In addition, since polystyrene is a high-molecular-weight polymer material, during the solidification process of cement concrete, the modified polystyrene molecules can form a film on the surface of the cement particles, thereby improving the adhesion between the cement particles, thereby enhancing the cement concrete. The strength, and thus become excellent cement waterproof, water reduction and enhancer. SPS superplasticizers, which are mainly used in construction projects, will not cause secondary pollution to the environment, produce no pollution during the production process and produce "three wastes". The large-scale production and application of this technology not only saves energy, but also protects the environment, especially the urban environment, with significant social and economic benefits.

It is reported that SPS superplasticizer is the continuation research result of the "8th Five-Year Plan" research topic of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Technology, and it is also a key research project in Guangzhou. The technology has been obtained. Three national invention patents were authorized; products were listed as "Key New Products of Guangdong Province" and "National Key New Products."

Tested by an authoritative organization, the performance of the tested products has reached or exceeded the national standard GB8076-1997 "Concrete Additives" in the standard of high-quality water-reducing agent first-class products, building materials standards JC473-2001 "concrete pumping agent "First-class product standards and building materials JC474 - 1999 "mortar, concrete waterproof agent" in the first-class standards; the use of the product can give concrete good plasticity, waterproof performance and freeze-thaw resistance, its industrial production , Providing new ways for the recycling and utilization of waste plastics; The use of waste polystyrene to produce high-efficiency water-reducing agents is at the leading domestic level; products are used by a number of users and reflect well, with significant social and economic benefits. Environmental benefits.

Recently, organized and presided over by the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, the expert group led by Professor Mai Kan of Sun Yat-sen University unanimously approved the new product technology appraisal of “SPS superplasticizer” put into operation by Guangzhou Hanbang Chemical Co., Ltd.

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