Wayne Provides AAPPI with New Extrusion Film Technology

Wayne Machine designed and built a five-layer yellow jacketed laboratory blown/cast film line for the Advanced Applied Polymer Processing Institute (AAPPI) in Danville, Virginia, USA.

The system is based on a new yellow-jacketed die technology and can produce 5-layer blow/cast plastic films in ABCBA structures or other structures. This line can process LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE-based polyolefin materials, EVOH-based barrier materials, and adhesives for adhesive layer applications.

Using a five-layer blown film valve die, five-layer feed head, and cast film die, a multi-layer structure for subsequent testing can be quickly developed while reducing the amount of raw materials used. This line assembly includes three sets of yellow jacketed extruders, die heads, blown film pull-outs, cast film pull-outs, and torque-controlled winders. It can produce flattened blown films up to 12 inches in width and cast films up to 8 inches in width. Each extruder is equipped with a variety of instrumentation including digital temperature self-adjusting control systems, melt pressure indicators and melt temperature indicators. The production line also has a computer data collection system. The data collection system interfaces with each extruder control panel to record process data for statistical analysis, create trend graphs, and save recipes.

Reprinted from: Adsale Industrial Network

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