New built-in steel pipe plastic trays are available

Recently, the built-in steel pipe plastic tray invented by Wu Haiming, general manager of Ningbo Changyi Plastics Co., Ltd. has been patented, patent number: ZL200520102726.2.

This new type of pallet has been designed to enhance the design of the traditional plastic pallet structure. After the formation of the embedded reinforced steel pipe at the main load position associated with dynamic load and airborne load. Through this design improvement, both the dynamic load and the airborne load index of the plastic pallet are improved, and because of this improvement, the amount of plastic raw material is reduced, and the production cost of the plastic pallet is reduced. The plastic trays not only achieved the same level of wooden pallets in terms of dynamic load and airborne technical indicators. Moreover, due to the reduction of its cost, the price has become more easily accepted by the market, effectively expanding the use of plastic pallets.

Reprinted from: Logistics Technology and Applications

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