Beautiful hand enhances the elegance and beauty of the key

Today, gorgeous manicures are loved by many girls, but the natural and elegant “naked” hands are more elegant. Women's hands can reveal many problems, such as quality of life, maintenance, and even age, which are the key to determining the first impression! Regardless of every move, or a smile, "beauty" refers not only to the face, but to the beautiful hand is the key to becoming a beauty!

Beautiful hand, the key to enhancing elegance

For the perfectionist, the maintenance of the hand is not a trivial matter. Because the sebaceous glands on the back of the hand are small and cannot produce enough oil, the hands are more likely to feel dry and rough. In addition, usually the hands need to work hard, more prone to horny and easy to aging, so it needs your care and care!

3 conditions for beautiful "hands"

1. The touch of the hand is moist and not dry

2. The skin of the hand is bright and even

3. Hands are soft and full of elasticity

POINT: horny care helps your hands get rid of rough

Horny care helps hands get rid of rough

Mix a spoonful of salt with a spoonful of honey, apply it on the back of the hand and massage it in a circular motion. After a massage for about 1 minute, clean it and help remove the old dead skin cells.

POINT: Nail care helps remove fingertips

Nail care helps remove fingertips

Extrusion of 1cm hand cream into 40 degrees of hot water, soak the ten fingers in it after it has completely melted. After about 3 minutes, wipe the fingers with a cotton pad to help remove the dead skin of your fingertips.

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