Business Protection of Trademarks

Any words, names, or combinations of these elements that are used to indicate the identity of a product and to distinguish it from other products manufactured and sold by other manufacturers and traders are included in the scope of protection of the trademark.
Different countries have different trademark registration validity periods. China's trademark registration rights are valid for 10 years. They can apply for extension within 6 months before expiration or within 3 months after expiration. If a trademark is not used for two consecutive years, it is deemed to be abandoned. Special protection.
China's trademark law stipulates that trademarks must not use the following text patterns.
(1) It is the same or similar to China's country name, national flag, national emblem, military flag, and military emblem.
(2) It is the same or similar to the foreign country name, national flag, national emblem, military flag, military emblem, etc.
(3) The names of flags and emblems of international organizations and governments of various countries must not be similar.
(4) It must not be the same or similar to the Red Cross logo.
(5) Same or similar to the commodity and generic name.
(6) Directly indicate the quality, raw materials, function, use, quality, quantity, and other characteristics of the product.
(7) It is ethnically discriminatory.
(8) Exaggerate propaganda and deception.
(9) Harmful to social morality or other adverse effects.

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