IT family training method during lunch break

Take a deep breath: Lift your arms to expand your chest, chest and abdominal breathing. Role: Remove exhaust gas, calm nerves, eliminate brain fatigue.

Head and neck: The head is looped, alternately in the opposite direction. Repeat every few hours. Shake your head and nod your head alternately. Role: It can play a preventive and palliative role in cervical spondylosis.


1, can stand naturally into a sitting position, the left shoulder first forward around the ring, repeated 10 times. The right shoulder is looped forward again and repeated about 10 times.

2, the lower limbs can stand or sit posture, the body facing the front, one arm to the opposite side of the flat lift, the other arm flexion, and pull the lower arm within the pull, fingers stretch as far as possible. Role: Through the extension of the shoulder ligaments, to improve the blood circulation of the shoulders and arms, thereby reducing shoulder fatigue.


1, sitting, two toes touch a fixed object, two hands behind the head. Slowly retreat to the maximum, then restore and exhale.

2, hands support the waist, from left to right, do the waist around the action. Then from right to left, do a waist around movement. Role: to enhance the flexibility of the waist muscles, but also ease the fatigue of the waist.

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