The use and characteristics of plastic slides

Product brand: standing plastic slide plate upright plastic slide plate , from the particle board to the final product are produced by their own, product quality and delivery cycle to a strict control and guarantee.
Product Specifications: (1200+80)*(1000+80)mm (80+1000+80)*(80+1100+80)mm (100+1200+100)*(100+1100+100)mm (1000+ 100)*(1200+100)mm can be customized according to customer requirements Product thickness and load-bearing: 0.6mm-600kg 0.7mm-900kg 0.8mm-1200kg 1.0mm-1500kg Higher load-bearing requirements Contact us Customizable can be added folding number: Unilateral, bilateral, three-sided, and four-sided (80mm/100mm in the above specifications are the flange length)
Whether it can be customized: Yes Product use: Logistics transportation of goods or warehouse turnover Use of products Passed certification: SGS, ROSH, well-known companies internal tear resistance test / friction coefficient test report

Shanghai Sliding Slides has been certified by SGS and related tear resistance tests. Since 2004, a large number of corporate customers have cooperated with domestic and international companies. According to its different load-bearing requirements, the plastic slide pallets should be at least 8.5 yuan/square meter (600 kg weight), and the paper slide pallet should be at least 6 yuan/square meter (300 kg weight).

Polyethylene plastic slip sheet / plastic slip sheet / plastic skateboard / Plastic Slip sheet
Shanghai advantages of plastic slides:
1. The technical indicators of our company's self-manufactured plastic slide pallets have reached the international advanced level, and have obtained the SGS environmental protection inspection certificate and related test reports such as tear resistance/friction coefficient;
2. Plastic slides are more highly resistant to moisture and tear than paper slides. More suitable for turnover use;
3. Plastic slide trays are the leading technology in the field of palletized loading and transportation, and are ideal replacements for wood, paper and plastic pallets (cardboards);
4. The space required for storage is about 1/20 of the conventional tray;
5. Purchase cost is about 1/5 of regular tray;
6. Full mechanized operation to increase work efficiency and reduce labor intensity of workers.
In Europe, America, Japan and other countries have already been promoted, widely used in various product areas and transport areas, especially electronics, plastics and other industries. Domestic applications were first introduced by some foreign companies into domestic factories. When exporting products, overseas customers often specify the use of this loading method. Due to its superiority in all aspects of logistics, more and more companies in China are now beginning to import this loading method.
Plastic slip sheet use FAQs:
1. Is the material environmentally friendly? Does it affect exports?
The main and auxiliary materials used for plastic slides are all environmentally friendly. Our company's plastic sliding trays meet the environmental standards for export to countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan.
2. Is it reusable?
Upright plastic slides can be recycled. The frequency of recycling is related to factors such as frequency of use and storage environment.
3. Is there an impact on electronic products?
Upright plastic slide plate with anti-magnetic function, HDPE + high-strength agent, without any magnetic interference on electronic products.
4. How to determine the thickness of the plastic slide (bearing)?
The bearing of the plastic slide plate is 0-2500kg, and the load bearing can be designed according to the customer's requirements.
5. Is the size of the plastic slide plate customizable?
According to the different loading requirements of customers and the specifications of different products, the container or storage space can be fully utilized to design a more reasonable plastic skateboard specification.

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