Scientists invented a method of diagnosing the disease with a drop of blood

The researchers believe that the methods derived from its latest research will potentially replace expensive medical equipment. Scientists have developed a chip with a sharp tip that can identify diseases with the help of a drop of blood. Researchers from the New Jersey Institute of Technology have created a method for quickly and non-invasively determining the movement of single blood cells based on the carbon nanotube device, which will maintain high resolution levels.

According to Globalscience, developers claim that the method they invented will replace expensive medical equipment and will save medical time. The researchers said, "We use sensors to create a device that places a drop of blood in the active area of ​​the device to measure the electrical characteristics of the cells. We are not the first team to develop such devices, but our device It will be unique, it will be able to measure the electrical properties of cells and allow you to see the characteristics of different types of cells. "

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