Home accidents have become the fifth leading cause of death: a deadly threat in the bathroom

Have you ever thought about it when you take a shower, the danger may be around you. According to a survey conducted by the US Civil and Security Committee, home accidents have become the fifth leading cause of death, with bathroom injuries being the most common. This danger is also worthy of attention in our country. Recently, the US "MSN" health website publication reminds you to pay attention to the five deadly threats in the bathroom.

1. Water is everywhere. The water in the sink and shower is everywhere, making it easy for people to slip, which is the number one danger.

Solution: It is best to replace the shower curtain with a shatterproof glass door or put the shower curtain in the bathtub. Bathroom tiles are best chosen to be small and non-slip. Place anti-slip mats in front of the sink and in the bathtub (bathroom renderings), but be aware that if the mat is easy to move, it will trip over people, so try to choose the bottom as a suction cup.

2. Dropped daily necessities. Shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, toothpaste, etc., if dropped on the ground, will make the ground slippery.

Solution: Clean the soap and water in the bathtub and bathtub in time after bathing. The elderly have poor balance and are easy to fall. Therefore, families with elderly people should install handrails around the bathtub and toilet.

3. The tile color is too white. White light, white walls, mirror reflections, etc. are easy to get dizzy when bathing. Glare light can also affect vision, especially in the elderly. If the bathroom is too bright, they will be difficult to detect the water on the ground and increase the slip. The chance.

Solution: Replace the ordinary bulb with a matte to reduce glare. Stick a row of other colors or textures on the white wall to help the body balance. For people with poor eyesight, poor sense of direction, and vertigo, it is best to keep the color of the wall in sharp contrast.

4. The discharger in the bathroom. In the bathroom, the hair dryer, razor, heater, etc., in a humid environment, will increase the risk of electric shock, towels, toilet paper, etc. may also be on fire.

Solution: If you are afraid of cold, you can put hot water in advance and preheat the bathroom; appliances such as hair dryers should be placed outside the bathroom.

5. The glass shower door is not properly installed. In 2009, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported nearly 2,000 cases of glass door smashing due to improper installation.

Solution: Do not install a towel rack on the glass door. Regularly inspect the glass shower door for cracks, gaps or signs of friction with metal. If the glass door or mirror is broken, cover the glass with a large towel and avoid the danger.

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