Guangdong's total forestry output value reached 559.5 billion to strengthen the environmental protection requirements for furniture and wood-based panels

Recently, the Guangdong Province furniture and wood-based panel industry environmental products work conference was held, calling on the upstream and downstream industries to work closely together to jointly promote clean production in the two major industries, and further promote industrial transformation and upgrading from environmental protection.

Yang Shengqiang, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Forestry Department, pointed out at the meeting that Guangdong is a large forestry province with “seven mountains, one water and two fields”. In 2013, the total output value reached 559.5 billion yuan, ranking first in the country for many years. Guangdong's traditional industries such as furniture, forest products processing, forestry and chemical industry have become the most important furniture production and export bases in the country. On the other hand, due to changes in the domestic and international situation, some furniture companies and wood-based panel companies are currently facing unprecedented difficulties.

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