Production and supply of steel belt packaging boxes and fumigation-free export containers

The packing box and connector are stampable grade environmental protection galvanized steel belts and tongue fasteners. The used plate is an artificially compounded multi-layer plywood with a bearing capacity far exceeding that of wood to ensure the quality of the packing box is strong and durable, and the whole process is protected. Cargo safety inside the box. The appearance of smooth, beautiful appearance, durable, low cost, large carrying capacity, not afraid of the sun, not afraid of rain, no locusts and other characteristics. The product is widely used in the transportation and packaging of logistics, mechanical and electronic, ceramic building materials, hardware and electrical appliances, precision instrumentation, fragile goods and oversized articles and other industries. The material meets the quarantine requirements for export commodities and eliminates the tedium of quarantine fumigation. Applicable to the use of international remote logistics, high-temperature pressing process to completely remove any harmful biological substances, export fumigation-free, quarantine-free, free of inspection, can use the "no wood packaging" statement to follow export procedures, export-free products for inspection, can be successfully imported in the country Clearance. Because the traditional nails are not used to seal the box, the steel side box can be quickly and quickly removed and installed, improving the working efficiency. Since the box structure is not dismantled and installed, the steel side box can be reused, which greatly reduces the cost; Moreover, because the box parts are connected by steel edges, they can be folded, greatly reducing the space occupied by inventory and transportation, facilitating storage and transportation; the steel edge is stronger than the traditional nails, and the overall strength of the box is good. nice appearance. Features: 1. Made of high-strength galvanized steel belt, excellent bearing, compressive performance, more robust 2. More light, beautiful, can be sprayed and printed, enhance customer image 3. Weight is only the traditional product 30%~40%, and has good stacking performance 4. Excellent climate tolerance, adapt to various harsh climate from tropical to frigid zone 5. Suitable for long-term transportation and storage, can be repeatedly used 6. Repeatedly removable , Effectively save storage space and reduce transportation costs 7. Meet the heavy and large, transport-sensitive and high-value product transportation and packaging requirements 8. Meet the requirements of commodity export packaging quarantine inspection, export-free inspection products 9. Can be processed according to customer needs Any size, size 10. It can quickly and easily perform on-the-spot assembly or disassembly of items, especially large box-type items.

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