The constant temperature mixer combines both constant temperature and oscillation functions.

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Technical advantages of constant temperature mixing meter 1. LED liquid crystal display, digital display of various parameters, intelligent PID adjustment, precise temperature adjustment of the sample tube 2. With power-off recovery function, the instrument can be set according to the original setting after power-off recovery Automatic recovery operation 3. Microprocessor control to ensure superior temperature stability and uniformity, accurate oscillation speed, small fluctuation, over-temperature alarm 4. Timing function, arbitrarily set culture time within 0~99h59min range. Metal module, with large heat capacity, small thermal resistance, uniform heating, convenient module replacement, easy to clean and disinfect 6. Temperature calibration function and short oscillation jog function, over temperature protection function, the end of the program runs an audible alarm signal 7. Quiet And stable DC brushless motor drive, long life, maintenance-free 8. Multiple safety protection functions, safe and reliable, in line with CE safety standards

The constant temperature mixing device introduces the constant temperature mixing device (constant temperature oscillator, constant temperature incubator, oscillating constant temperature metal bath). The brushless DC motor and micro-processing technology combined with intelligent PID control can quickly maintain stability after reaching the target temperature. It can save the waiting time and form a perfect combination of the functions of constant temperature and oscillation, which greatly shortens the time of experiment operation and improves the efficiency of the staff. It is an ideal automated tool for sample incubation, catalysis, mixing and preservation.
The constant temperature mixer has multi-purpose functions such as heating and oscillation. Can meet the needs of different users.
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       Bistro chair and table        Bistro chair and table

 Bistro chair and table                            Bistro chair and table

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