Warm March 8 to give her beloved exquisite bathroom experience

March is a warm and romantic month, because in this month there is an exclusive festival "3.8" Women's Day, caring for women, starting from every detail. To be a woman, you need to be exquisite. The most private bathroom in the house can reflect the taste of a woman. In addition to solving the needs of life in modern bathroom, exquisite women pay more attention to enjoy the bathing process, then give the beloved woman Prepare an exclusive magic bathroom, whether it is the one who knows how to enjoy it, the one who controls her face, the one who is frugal, or the one who is picky, with different bathroom products, you can create an extraordinary bathroom!

Life is to know how to enjoy

Exclusive matching package:

1. Life cannot lack music

Listening to music is a special trait of every girl. Taking a hot bath after hard work is a good choice. It relieves physical and mental stress. With the music you like, bathing is also entertainment. Put a small speaker in the bathroom, WIFI Bluetooth speaker, you can easily enjoy the fun of wireless music without connecting.

2. Relax in the jacuzzi

People with conditions in the home will choose to take a bath. After a day of work, it is a matter of enjoyment to take a bath in a bathtub with a massage function. Soaking in warm water while letting the various functions of the bathtub help you slow down Physical fatigue and discomfort, how can she not need to enjoy it?

The most important thing for the purchase of the jacuzzi is to look at its "heart", which is the motor. Turn on the motor at the time of purchase and listen carefully to the sound of the engine. If the motor is good, the sound is quieter and quieter. If you hear the sound of mechanical rotation Large, proves that the quality of the motor is not very good.

Product recommendation: Dongpeng massage bathtub

The use of ergonomic design, fit the human body, super load-bearing bracket, load-bearing 450 kg, aviation-grade acrylic wear-resistant plate, split water-immersed hair, adjustment is more worry-free.

3. Smart toilet is more convenient and more comfortable

The smart toilet seat cover is gradually becoming popular in the home. Many people who have requirements on the bathroom environment will choose the smart cover. Various cleaning functions and night light settings are very intimate.

When selecting, you need to check the status of various functions, such as the flushing method, the position of the nozzle, whether the heating is overheated, and whether the functions of the automatic node and the timing node are in place.

Product recommendation: TOTO smart toilet cover TCF6230CS

With intelligent constant temperature heating system, 360-degree multi-directional heating, self-cleaning multi-function nozzle, with three washing modes.

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