What is the use of your eye serum?

How to use eye serum? For maintenance eyes, we will use some skin care products, such as eye cream, eye serum, eye serum, etc. So how can eye serum be used to make it work? Below, you can find out through this article!
How to use eye serum? Eye serum use steps Eye serum dosage
How to use eye serum?
Eye serum is the same as eye cream. It is our eye skin care products. They contain high nutrients, but you should master the correct method when applying eye serum to avoid deeper eye lines.
Steps for using eye serum:
The first step is to clean the face and eye area with some clean face products.
The second step is to use the eye serum after using the toner. It is best to use a small spoon to smear the essence, then use the ring finger of both hands (make sure the fingers are clean) to take out a mung bean size. Eye serum
In the third step, the eye serum is evenly rubbed against each other, and gently pressed on the skin around the eyes, from the end of the eye, the lower eyelid, the inner corner of the eye, the upper eyelid, and finally back to the end of the eye, and pressed in a circle manner;
The fourth step, repeat the sequence of the third step, circle the skin of the eye five or six times, so that the essence is fully absorbed, and the part with more serious eye problems can be massaged more;
The fifth step, after the essence is applied, after a while, the nutrient absorption of the essence is almost the same, and then the eye cream is used according to the third and fourth steps;
360 cosmetics network Xiaobian suggestion: eye serum can be used every day, but the amount should not be too much, usually a mung bean size. The essence is not moisturizing enough, and it can only be used with eye cream to have a better continuous skin care effect.

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