On-site scanning leak detection test for high efficiency air filter

One of the necessary measures to ensure the quality of clean room engineering is to conduct on-site scanning leak detection of high-efficiency air filters, but in actual engineering tests, high dust concentration is often encountered in the high-efficiency air filter frame and high-efficiency filter mounting frame. Misjudged as the problem of leaking points in high-efficiency air filters, the related test methods given by IEST and the non-scanning leak detection methods adopted by some clean room construction personnel are introduced. Through theoretical analysis and a large number of experimental studies, scientific and reasonable High efficiency air filter scanning leak detection test method.

Before the high-efficiency air filter body enters the site, the manufacturer shall perform performance test according to the regulations (1) generally use the particle counter method for leak detection, and the high-efficiency filter must be tested for air volume, and... The high-efficiency filter installation joint and main section are detected by scanning method, and the air-port type scanning leak detection high-efficiency air filter device: the air-type scanning leak detection of Tianjin Changte Purification Engineering Co., Ltd.... The engineering quality supervision and inspection center is based on GB19489-2008 "General Requirements for Laboratory Biosafety" is qualified. ... General Requirements" "Requirement for disinfection, sterilization and leak detection of exhaust air efficient air filters in situ

DOP PAO high efficiency filter leak detection aerosol photometer test method... For pharmaceutical companies, high efficiency filter leak detection refers to on-site leak detection after installation of high efficiency filter and its system, mainly inspection... It directly displays the ratio of upstream and downstream particle concentrations, so scanning a high efficiency air filter is very convenient.

In the clean room, the high-efficiency filter is the key equipment for high-purity air purification; therefore, after the high-efficiency air filter is installed or replaced, the filter connection must be leaked to ensure the cleanliness of the clean room is met. Claim" .

The maximum number of suspended particles in the 100-degree cleanliness state is ≥0.5~tm3500/.

1 instrument

Dust Particle Counter Suzhou Changchun Electronic Instrument Factory CU-BII

2 Experimental principle

Using the principle of light scattering, the light reflected by the dust particles is received by a photomultiplier tube during the measurement to determine the size and quantity thereof, and the cumulative and digital display is analyzed.

experimental method

3.1 Environmental conditions: temperature control oxygen at 18-26 ° C; relative humidity control oxygen at 45-65%

3.2 Test status: static test, no more than 2 indoor testers.

3.3 Pressure difference: For different indoor cleanliness rooms, the static pressure difference is 5Pa, and the static pressure difference between the clean area and the non-clean area is 10Pa. For the room with large amount of dust during the process, the relative humidity should be maintained.

3.4 Test method

3.4.1 The dust particle counter is disinfected with water for injection and 75% alcohol, and then irradiated to the clean area by ultraviolet light for 30 minutes.

3.4.2 Place the dust particle counter horizontally on the table. The measuring plastic tube port is inserted into the nozzle of the filter.

3.4.3 Turn on the power. After the instrument performs the tl check and the option, the measuring plastic tube is removed from the rear plate. The port is placed at the location that needs to be measured

3.4.4 When sampling, the sampling head is separated from the high-efficiency filter 2-4aTl, and it is slowly scanned along the inner frame and the middle of the high-efficiency filter. At least 5 points are tested for each high-efficiency filter, and the display data is observed. After the test is completed, the sampling plastic tube port is connected to the dust particle counter and the tl test is performed on the board. Then turn off the power.

The dust filter counter is used to measure the high-efficiency filter of the 100-level clean zone. See Table 1

4 Conclusion

From the above measurement, it can be seen that the No. 3 high-efficiency filter has a leak phenomenon. Need to be plugged or replaced, the filter must be retested after repair or replacement. Under normal conditions, the high-efficiency filter leak test is generally performed at least once a year to see if there is a change. It is an important part of the cleanliness test.

National standard transmission method - high efficiency air filter leak detection method

"National Standard Passing Method", referred to as "National Standard Law"

The use of the national standard method to determine the leakage standard is based on the leak criteria of ISO14644-1:

The minimum leak diameter that can be detected by the ultra-high efficiency filter is 0.1mm.

When the minimum leak diameter that can be detected by the high-efficiency filter is 0.2mm,

As long as the number of particles at the local leak point is ≥3 particles per minute, it is leaky.

the way is:

Scan the leak with a particle counter of 28.3 L/min. When the reading is 1 or greater, the spot is considered to be a suspected leak. Stop at the suspected leak and retest for one minute. If the number of particles is ≥ 3/ L·min, you can judge this as a leak.

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