Hydraulic pull-down book block press

Patent name: hydraulic pull-down book block presses Patent Application No. 9 Publication No.: 2649342
Application Date: 2003.09.02 Public Day 2004.10.20
Applicant: Zibo Shuangqi Environmental Protection Machinery Co., Ltd. This utility model relates to an improved book block press for flattening before binding of printed products. A rack has a guide rod that passes through the work table and guides the upper end of the guide rod. The lower end of the press beam guide rod is connected to the piston rod of the hydraulic power unit t by a pull-down beam. The structure is simple, the pressure in the hydraulic power pack is adjustable, the controllable pressing quality is good, and it is easy to implement automatic control to increase the production efficiency. It is safe, reliable and conducive to popularization and application.

Solid Cut Metal Letter or FLAT CUT metal letter is durable for signs.
Premium grade interior OR exterior Metal Letters are cut directly from solid metal sheet, such as Stainless Steel, Aluminium or and Copper.

Custom Sold cut metal letters available with options below:
a)  Sold cut Stainless steel letters are cut by laser machines, then finished in brushed or polished, stainless steel 304 or 316 grade. 316 Stainless Steel is recommended for boat or places close to the sea.
b) Cor-Ten steel, also known as raw steel letters, is kept unprotected to rust for a natural look. Cor-Ten letters will have rust patterns vary greatly from letter to letter. They will continue to rust if left outdoors.  c) golden stainless steel letter. Letters are also available in gold plated stainless steel, either polished or brushed  finish.   

For letters with greater depth or thickness, consider our other metal letters, Fabricated Letters or backlit letters.

Solid Cut Metal Letter

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