Optical disc printing production process analysis (3)

3. other aspects

3.1UV lamp

In order to make the printing ink fully dry, the UV lamp must be designed with sufficient strength so that the printed UV ink or coating oil is completely dried, and the printing speed, the thickness of the ink film, and the color of the ink also have a certain influence on the drying effect. General installation of UV lamps should consider the type of printing machine and select the appropriate UV lamp on the finished product.

In multicolor overprinting, if the color density is high and the dark color is printed on one or two superimposed colors, the overall difficulty of drying is particularly increased, because the UV light is quickly absorbed by the dark pigment of the ink. Generally four-color UV ink drying difficulty is magenta, yellow, blue and black.

Some blending colors are also very difficult to dry. For example, green is made of yellow and cyan tones; opaque colors are also difficult to dry because it reflects off all UV light. The same metallic, gold, and silver colors have the same problem.

An excessively aged lamp cannot dry UV ink or coating oil, which can cause printing troubles. Most instructions on the UV lamp indicate that about 1,000 hours are required to replace the UV lamp. In fact, if the print cannot be completely dried at the printing speed, you must consider replacing the UV lamp so as not to affect the overall quality of the printing.

3.2 Reflector

If there is no UV lamp reflector, about 80% of the UV light will not be able to reach the substrate because of the diffusion. Therefore, the UV lamp must be installed with a lamp cover to reflect the UV light and focus on the surface of the substrate. The importance of the reflector is important. Sex can't be ignored.

The reflector must be cleaned and maintained. It is best to maintain the same features as the new one. Some dust or dust generated during drying tends to adhere to the reflective cover, which affects the efficacy of UV light reflection. UV lamps should be cleaned frequently to prevent dust and dust from affecting the drying effect.

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Source: "Recording Media Technology"

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