140AMM09000, Schneider Technical Description

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〖8. Invensys Foxboro: I/A Series system, FBM (field input/output module) sequential control, ladder logic control, accident recall processing, digital-analog conversion, input/output signal processing, data communication, and processing Wait. Invensys Triconex: Redundant fault-tolerant control system, the most modern fault-tolerant controller based on Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) architecture.
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DANGER This manual and the “danger” with “warning sign” on the inverter mean that if you do not comply with the relevant requirements and do not take corresponding measures, it will result in death or serious personal injury.
WARNING This manual and the “warning” with “warning signs” on the inverter mean that if you do not comply with the relevant requirements and do not take corresponding measures, there is a potential risk of death or serious personal injury.
CAUTION This manual and the “Caution” on the inverter with the “warning sign” mean that if you do not comply with the relevant requirements and do not take corresponding measures, there is a potential risk of causing minor or moderate personal injury.
Note that this manual and the “Caution” without “warning signs” on the inverter mean that if you do not comply with the relevant requirements and do not take corresponding measures, there is a potential risk of property damage.
Tips The “tips” in this manual mean that if the user does not pay attention to the prompted question, undesired results or states may occur.
Description The “Explanation” in this manual indicates important information about the product. The part in bold in the manual is a problem that needs special attention.
Certified personnel The so-called “certified personnel” in this manual and the frequency converter's logo means that the personnel working on the equipment must be familiar with the installation, commissioning, and operation steps and requirements of the equipment, and can avoid the production. Various emergencies emerged.
They must also meet the following conditions:
1. Specially trained and qualified exams, the circuit and equipment can be powered, powered off, cleaned, grounded, and wired in a variety of operations, as required by the routine and the safe operating procedures specified in this manual.
2. Trained to properly maintain and use protective equipment in accordance with the routine and the safe operating procedures specified in this manual.
3. Have been trained in first aid.
̈ PE-protective grounding through the grounding conductor. The cross-section of the grounding conductor should ensure that the voltage at the grounding point does not exceed 50 volts when the PE grounding point is shorted to the grounding strap. Typically, this point is used to ground the frequency converter.
̈ - Grounding point, the reference voltage can reach the same value as the ground voltage. Typically, this point is used to ground the motor.
Only for specified application areas The inverter can only be used in the application areas specified in the manual and can only be used with devices and components that are recommended and approved by Siemens.

Safety instructions The following "warnings," "cautions," and "cueings" are proposed for your safety and are a measure taken to prevent damage to the equipment or parts connected to it. When dealing with MICROMASTER 440 inverter related issues, it is common to refer to the “warning”, “caution” and “cue” listed in this section. They are divided into the following categories: conventional, related to transportation and storage,
Commissioning, operation, maintenance, and disassembly and waste disposal.
Special "warnings", "attentions" and "hints": Applicable to special operations, placed at the beginning of the relevant section, and repeated or supplemented where necessary in the section.
Please read these "warnings", "cautions" and "cueings" carefully as they provide you with a guarantee of personal safety and help to extend the life of the MICROMASTER 440 drive and the equipment connected to it.
General warnings ̈ The device carries dangerous voltages and it controls potentially dangerous rotating parts. If you do not follow the “warning” regulations or do not follow the instructions in this manual, it may result in death, serious personal injury or major property damage.
̈ Only qualified and qualified personnel are allowed to operate the equipment. Before using the equipment, familiarize yourself with all the safety instructions in this manual and the regulations on installation, operation, and maintenance. Proper handling and loading and unloading, in-place installation and operation and maintenance are the reliable guarantee for the safe and successful operation of this equipment.
̈ Take care of the danger of electric shock. Even if the power supply has been cut off, the DC link capacitors of the inverter still carry dangerous voltage.
Therefore, it is not allowed to open the device until the power is turned off for 5 minutes.
额定 Rated power in “horsepower” is based on Siemens 1LA motors and is only indicative; they are not necessarily consistent with UL or NEMA rated power in horsepower.
Caution ̈ Prevent children and the public from coming into contact with or approaching this device!
̈ This device can only be used in accordance with the manufacturer's intended use. Unauthorized modification or use of spare parts not sold or recommended by the manufacturer of this device may result in fire, electric shock and other injuries.
Tips ̈ Please place this “Manual” near the inverter equipment and find it easy to find, so that all users can use it conveniently.
进行 When measuring or testing on a live, powered device, the safety regulations VBG4.0 must be observed.
In particular, the stipulation in section §8 of the “Permissible safety distance when working on live parts”. In practice, appropriate electronic appliances should be used.
̈ Before installing and commissioning the drive, please be sure to read these safety rules and warnings carefully, as well as all the warning signs attached to the device. Make sure the warning sign is placed in a prominent place and replace the sign that has fallen off or damaged.

Warnings regarding transportation and storage 正确 Proper transportation, storage, place and installation, and careful operation and maintenance are essential for the normal and safe operation of the frequency converter.
ATTENTION ̈ Ensure that the frequency converter is not subject to physical shock and vibration during transportation and storage. It must also be ensured that it is not exposed to rain and places where the ambient temperature is too high (see Table 7-1 in this manual).
Warnings concerning commissioning ̈ Unqualified personnel working on the frequency converter's devices/systems or failing to obey the "Warning" regulations may cause serious personal injury or substantial property damage. Only trained and qualified personnel trained in the design, installation, commissioning and operation of the equipment are allowed to work on the equipment/system of the equipment.
̈ The input power cord only allows permanent fastening. The equipment must be grounded (according to IEC 536 Class 1, NEC and other applicable standards).
̈ If residual current protector (RCD) is used, it must be type B RCD. The equipment is powered by a three-phase power supply and is equipped with
Never use an earth leakage circuit breaker ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit-Breaker -
̈ Even if the inverter is inoperative, the following terminals may still carry hazardous voltage:
- Power terminals L/L1, N/L2, L3 or U1/L1, V1/L2, W1/L3
- Connect the motor terminals U, V, W or U2/T1, V2/T2, W2/T3
- and terminals DC+/B+, DC-, B-, DC/R+ or C/L+, D/L-
̈ This device is not to be used as an 'emergency parking mechanism' (see EN 60204,
Note that the power cable connected to the drive, the motor cable and the control cable must be connected as shown in Figure 2-13 of this manual to avoid inductive and capacitive interference due to the operation of the drive.

Warning about operation ̈ The MICROMASTER drive operates at high voltage.
危险 When the electrical equipment operates, dangerous voltages are inevitably present on some parts of the equipment.
̈ According to the requirements of EN60204IEC204 (VDE0113), "emergency shutdown equipment" must be controllable in all operating modes of the control equipment. No matter how the emergency stop device is stopped, it cannot cause uncontrollable or unexpected restart.
̈ No matter where the fault occurs in the control equipment, it may cause serious equipment damage or even serious personal injury (ie there is a potential dangerous fault). Therefore, additional external precautions must be taken or installed separately. Devices that ensure safe operation, even in the event of a fault (for example, installing a separate current-limiting switch,
Mechanical chain, etc.)
一定 After input power interruption and power on again, certain parameter settings may cause the inverter to restart automatically.
̈ In order to ensure that the overload protection of the motor can operate correctly, the motor parameters entered into the inverter must exactly match the motor actually used.
̈ This equipment can provide motor overload protection inside the inverter in accordance with the requirements of UL508C Section 42. according to
P0610 (access level) and P0335, I2t protection functions are entered by default. The overload protection function of the motor can also be implemented via a digital input using an external PTC (by default, this function is disabled by P0601).
̈ This equipment is suitable for places where the loop symmetrical capacity is not more than 10,000 ampere (root mean square), with H or K
For fuse protection (see table in Chapter 7 of this manual), the maximum voltage is 230V/460V/575V.
̈ This device is not to be used as an 'emergency parking mechanism' (see EN 60204,
Warnings concerning the repair 设备 Maintenance of the device can only be carried out by Siemens Service Departments, authorized service centers of Siemens, or certified and authorized personnel, who should be thoroughly familiar with all warnings and operating procedures presented in this manual.
̈ Any defective parts and devices must be replaced with the appropriate spare parts.
一定 Be sure to disconnect the power before turning on the equipment for servicing.
Notes on disassembly and waste disposal ̈ The frequency converter's packaging is reusable. Please keep the box for future use or return it to the manufacturer.
易 Easy-to-remove screws and quick-connect connectors allow you to disassemble parts of the device. You can recycle these disassembled parts and dispose of them according to local authorities' requirements or return them to the manufacturer.

Approved Siemens software and training standards are:
DIN ISO 9001, registration number: 2160-01
This manual and its related content may not be copied, transmitted, or used without written permission. Offenders will be liable for the damage caused. Siemens reserves all rights, including all rights arising from patent licenses, practical prototype registrations, or engineering designs.
© Siemens AG 2001. All rights reserved.
MICROMASTER® is a registered trademark of Siemens AG.
Some valid features may not be described in this manual. However, Siemens does not assume any responsibility for these functions when it comes to new controls or services.
During the review process, we reviewed the contents of this manual and the consistency of the hardware and software described. However, there may still be contradictions and mistakes, and it is impossible to ensure that they are completely identical. We will periodically review the contents covered in this manual and make necessary amendments in later revisions. Welcome to make suggestions for improvement.
Siemens's manuals are printed on chlorine-free paper. The paper is made from sustainable forests. Chemical solvents are not used during printing and stapling.
Retain the right to modify this manual without prior notice.

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