How to do business with 14 European foreigners

How to do business with 14 European foreigners


Love to take a nap is due to the subtropical climate. Saying good afternoon can include midnight and finally break up before saying good night. Greeks do business in a more traditional way, and bargaining is everywhere.


Do not like to eat shrimp during the New Year. Because shrimp will walk backwards, it is unlucky. If you eat shrimp, it will be difficult to enter the business in the new year.


Emphasize personal credibility, and would rather suffer some losses than openly admit mistakes. If you think he helped them by inadvertently losing money in the agreement, you have won their friendship and trust forever; the peak season for trading is October to June.


The impression is the most patriotic. Even if English is spoken well, it will require negotiations in French, and no concessions. He is extremely particular about dressing, and wears the best clothes as possible during the meeting.


Avoid using the red, white, and blue groups (British flag colors) because of political and historical reasons. In addition, Irish laws prohibit Irish divorce.


Less stereotyped than Germans and more passionate than French, but usually not emotional when dealing with business. The slow decision-making is not to discuss with the staff, but to be reluctant to make hasty statements.


Germanic descendants. Because several people from the national small network drove home to dinner at noon, they were not working at noon;


Once the most orthodox nation in Europe, when you love cleanliness, ordering and doing business, I hope you agree in advance before arriving in the Netherlands, with a frank and open mind.


Much like the Greeks. Easy going and likes socializing. Despite the hot weather, you should wear a suit. When negotiating with them, you should wear a clean coat and wear a tie at work and social occasions.


Everything must be done according to the rules. The direction of their cars is exactly the opposite of other European countries. Based on the arrogance of using English as a mother tongue, the English do not speak their word language except English. Emphasize punctuality and dress code. Avoid talking about royal topics.


Love combines business and entertainment, likes to entertain others, and likes to be entertained by others. Focus on appearance and the title of business partner. Hungarians are more superstitious and do not allow poultry dishes to be placed on the New Year's table. Think that in that case, luck will fly away with the birds.


I like to drink in the sauna and it is more expensive. In business activities, if you wait for a sauna or bring a few bottles of Scotch whisky, you can increase the amount of talks and serve as the best gift.


Pay attention to punctuality and keep a certain distance with people, visit or attend family dinners, prepare gifts such as flowers or sweets for the hostess, and do not frighten river islands (Norwegian national birds) when going outing.

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