Several Printing Imprinting Solutions in Bill Printing

The factory is the main printing unit for the printing of tax invoices in Hebei Province. The ground printing products are mostly 3 to 6 joints, and the quality requirements are relatively high. Several joint overprints must be accurate. In the past, the proofs were printed on the machine that first started printing, and the other machines were printed as such, but the phenomenon of inaccurate printing of several joints often occurred, causing a large number of products to be stapled. In the work of the author, I summarized the methods of unifying the regulations and regulations to solve the problem of unacceptable overprinting in the printing of bills, so that needle binding does not occur, and the quality and output are greatly improved.

Specific methods: 1 unified side gauge: 3mm design on the printing plate line, as shown in the figure, the thickness of the line by the edge of the paper is 0.5mm, printing the steel and the edge of the paper to register. 2 Unify the former rules: When printing the same product, make the former rules consistent, and the operators should print strictly according to the same size.

Hebei Tax Bureau Ticket Service Center Li Dajun

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