CorelDraw Application Example: Designing a Business Card

Business cards are the most widely used communication tools in modern society, and they are also an indispensable tool for displaying personal style in modern communication. From a small business card, one can even see the corporate culture of a person or even a company. In order to help our friends to use their abilities and tools to create a personalized business card, I introduce here how to use CorelDRAW to create a business card, of course, this method is also for the business behavior of the street print service shop application.

1. Use CorelDRAW software, the version is not limited.

2. Open CorelDRAW software and the system automatically creates a "Graph 1" file. Use the rectangle tool in the toolbox to draw a rectangle over the given paper on the system, adjust the size to 90 x 55mm (assuming this is a finished business card frame), and then re-draw a rectangle in its interior. It is 80 x 45mm (this is assumed to be the effective print area of ​​the business card). Select two rectangles, press “C”, “E” or click “Arrange” menu “Align and Distribute” to center the two rectangles.

3, for the convenience of editing, select "window" "sharp curtain tool" "object manager", click on the right little triangle, select "new layer", then in the window of the object manager will have an additional map Layer 2 items come out. Select layer 1 with the mouse and tap the pen button in front of it to make the layer 1 uneditable, as shown in Figure 1.


4. Enter layer 2, on the rectangle drawn earlier (the smaller one inside), and line up the text or graphic information we want, as shown in Figure 2. Next is the typesetting thing.

Arrange text or graphic information

5. Click the button of layer 1 again to remove the small rectangle inside. Double-click the selection tool to select all the objects of the window, cut, paste, and all the objects are placed on layer 1.

6. Select the business card you just made, press Ctrl+G or arrange the groups in the menu to compose them into one object so that the follow-up work can be performed easily. Move the business card to the upper left corner of the paper (A4) on the screen, press Alt + F7 or select "Transform" "Position" in the "Arrangement" menu to bring up the "Transform" option box to select the object and set the value in the position level item For 100, click “Apply to Reworked Items” again to copy out the same business card on the right, with a distance of 10mm between them, as shown in Figure 3.

"Copy" business card

7. Select two business cards, change the horizontal value of the position option box to 0, change the vertical value to -57, and then click "Apply to remake object" four times, that is, place a ten on an A4 paper. Zhang business card, as shown in Figure 4. Double-click on the selection tool to select all the objects in the window, then group as an object, press the "P" key or call the "Arrange" "Alignment and Distribution" dialog box, put the 10 business cards after the group into the paper center.

10 business cards on A4 paper

8. At this point, 10 business cards on an A4 sheet are arranged. The next job is to print. Because the outer frame line has been preserved during printing, after the printing is completed, it can be cut according to that wire frame. If it is in the office without a knife, it can be cut with a pair of scissors or with an artist. Knife to cut, if it is a street print shop can use a business card special cutter to cut.

9, if you want the business card on both sides are printed with text, just follow the steps above to re-start another page to do it again.

In some business card professional production shops for business card typesetting work is the same as above, but if a large number of printing is not a full A4 paper at a time, but a layout of a business card layout and then according to the number of colors to be printed To print on the PS version of the printing press. At the time of plate making, it is the same principle as the official printing machine. It is also a color and a printing plate, and then it is subjected to stencil printing. In addition, some high-end personal business cards may also require bronzing, hot silver, or embossing, and other special editions will be required on the basis of the printing version. For example, bronzing will require a bronzing version to create a bronzing version of the bronzing machine. Convex also needs another edition to create a press-enhanced version of the beer machine.

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