Fushun Petrochemical has successfully developed PP cast film

Polypropylene cast film special material is CNPC's resin new product development project undertaken by China Petroleum Fushun Petrochemical Company Fushun Ethylene Corporation in 2005. After one year of hard work, researchers from Fushun Ethylene's Technology Center and Resin Research Institute jointly developed a new product, polypropylene cast film RC090, and conducted industrial trial production on January 18th. Currently, the production of the product is stable. The indicators meet the requirements.

Polypropylene cast film is a non-stretch, non-oriented cast film produced by melt casting quenching, with high transparency, good stiffness, low heat sealing temperature, heat resistance, moisture resistance, good barrier properties, Printing and composite adaptability, smooth surface, resistance to cooking and many other advantages. Compared with the blown film, the cast film has high yield, good film transparency, gloss, thickness uniformity, and excellent balance of isotropic properties; compared with the BOPP film, the cast film has a simple processing equipment, cost per unit area Low advantage. At the same time, because it is a cast film, its subsequent processing such as printing, compounding and other processing is very convenient, so the cast film has become an indispensable product in the packaging industry.

Source of information: pack.cn

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