The culprits of qualified floor smells are large-scale use

Ms. Li used a certain brand of solid wood composite floor to decorate the house after the smell was horrible. An indoor environmental monitoring center detected that the formaldehyde content of the floor exceeded the standard, so she asked for a return. However, the dealers separately tested and the random sampling test of the High District Industrial and Commercial Branch showed that the floor was qualified, and Ms. Li could not return it as she wished. What makes her puzzled is: the floor is qualified, why is the smell horrible? On the 7th, the staff of the High-tech Industrial and Commercial Branch Consumer Protection Branch explained that even if the solid wood composite flooring is qualified, if it is used in a large area, the indoor formaldehyde content will exceed the standard.

According to reports, in May this year, Ms. Li bought a new home with a well-known brand of solid wood laminate flooring at a high price. After the renovation was completed, Ms. Li found that when she entered a new home, she felt that her eyes were hurt and her throat was uncomfortable. Therefore, she had not moved into her new home and had been renting a house outside. She hoped that the smell would be released as soon as possible.

After a period of time, Ms. Li found that the air in the new home had not improved. She asked an indoor environmental monitoring center in the city to test the indoor air and found that the indoor air formaldehyde content exceeded the standard. Subsequently, she commissioned the monitoring center to inspect the floor laid in the home, and the results showed that the floor was unqualified. Ms. Li then found the floor dealer Mr. Wang, asking for a return on the grounds of unqualified floor.

Mr. Wang said that if the floor is really unqualified, he is willing to return for Ms. Li. At the end of June, Mr. Wang sent the floor samples to the National Wood-based Panel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for inspection. The formaldehyde emission of the floor reached the standard and was qualified. The two sides could not reach an agreement on whether to return the goods, and they complained to the Consumer Protection Section of the Supreme District Industrial and Commercial Branch.

In August this year, with the consent of both parties, the staff of the Consumer Protection Section and the two parties went to Ms. Li’s home to randomly collect two samples of the floor and sent them to the Municipal Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute for re-testing. The results showed that the formaldehyde emission from the floor was qualified. Mr. Wang cannot return the goods to Ms. Li.

The floor is qualified, why is the indoor air still very awkward? Ms. Li expressed doubts about this. On the 7th, the staff of the Consumer Protection Division explained that the composite flooring contained different levels of formaldehyde. Ms. Li used a new home with more than 100 square meters of solid wood composite flooring. The large-scale use of composite flooring, indoor formaldehyde content is inevitably exceeded. The staff therefore suggested that the public should consider the size of the house and carefully choose the floor.

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