Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine Takes Full Position in Beijing

INTRODUCTION: The "heads" of one-meter-eighth eighty-five, looks like a giant automatic teller machine. Putting an empty beverage bottle into it will give up 5 cents in five seconds. Recently, an environmental protection machine named "Beverage Bottle Bottled Recycling Machine" appeared in Zhongguancun Carrefour supermarket. It is reported that the recycling machine was employed in November last year and can swallow more than 100 beverage bottles per day. Up to now, 5,400 plastic bottles have been successfully recovered.

"This recycling machine is very convenient. Tossing empty bottles here can be both environmentally friendly and rewarding!" This morning, at the Carrefour supermarket in Zhongguancun, Mr. Liu, the citizen, stuffed his bottle of mineral water in his hand into a "beverage can bottle." In a paid recycling machine, the bottle was flipped in the machine's round hole for a week before being swallowed. In less than a second, a five-cent coin was spit out from the square below, and the entire process took only five seconds. Many citizens who come to shopping have come to “experience” with empty cans and plastic bottles.

According to reports, the recycling machine works like a vending machine. When an empty plastic bottle is inserted into the machine, the machine can read the bar code information to identify whether the bottle is recyclable. So no bar code, more than 200 ml of residue and deformed bottles can only be "rejected."

The reporter found that the recycling machine can compress a beverage can every 5 to 6 seconds. After intelligent processing, the plastic bottle is compressed to about one-third of the original volume, and the can is compressed to the original volume of ten. One-half or so. Wu Weidong, the manager of the Beijing Green Field Company's industry department responsible for the operation of the recycling machine, told reporters that 200-2.5 litre aluminum cans or plastic bottles can be recycled. Each recycling machine can hold 800 plastic bottles in a volume of about 600 ml. In response to the “recycling price” that the public are most concerned about, Wu Weidong stated that the recycling price is based on market conditions and will not differ too much. It is reported that this recycling machine began operations in November last year, as of now has successfully recovered 5,400 plastic bottles.

According to reports, there are now 10 beverage cans paid recycling machines in Zhongguancun, Carrefour, Lotte Mart, the third book, and Zhongguancun Sanxiao posts. Starting from June of this year, these waste plastic bottles of paid recycling machines are expected to be set up in Beijing in some government buildings, schools, shopping malls and sports fields.

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