Wine Bottle Opener Fun Talk

With swaying candlelights, exquisite dinners, and roses and wine, you and the other half enjoy this romantic atmosphere on a special day. You pick up the bottle opener and screw it into the stopper of the bottle and force it down...Oh my God! Sawdust flew in. You were exposed and breathless, but you couldn't manage this small stopper. Seeing the mellow wine in sight, but far away from the horizon, is it regrettable that he hasn't opened the bottle in wine?

The most elegant bottle opener

The "Crazy" series of films tells us a reason why everything is professional. Therefore, if the bottle is opened, if there is no wine knife, there is always something missing. The function of the wine knives is very good and powerful. It is cool and smart to use. It also has a nice English name - the friend of the waiter, because it is often found in the restaurant where the waiter opens the bottle service. Wine is a culture, and wine knives are also an extension of their culture. If you do not use a wine knife to open a bottle, you don't have to drink it in a tall crystal cup. It is like drinking green tea in a large white porcelain jar.

One end of the knife is a knife used to remove the bottle seal. Skilled people cut the knife along the mouth of the bottle, two or three knives can seal off the bottle, it is beautiful. When the bottle is opened, the screw cone is aligned and screwed. Use the metal clip on the end of the wine knife to buckle the protruding part of the bottle mouth. Hold it tightly with the left handed tiger's mouth and then slowly lift it with your right hand with the other handle (equivalent to the lever). Today's wine knives usually have two stalls, which will be more labor-saving. When the oak plug comes out halfway, the shifter holds the position with the index finger, keeps the cutter head and the bottle mouth in a tight state, and then finally forces the lifting handle until it is completely pulled out.

The most laborious bottle opener

Wine uses oak stoppers to block the air, so as to ensure the pure taste of wine. Therefore, although wine bottles are difficult to open, it is very important to choose a suitable bottle opener. The simplest type is a T-shaped bottle opener. A handle and a screw cone are OK. We know that the Swiss Army Knife is equipped with the function of a T-shaped bottle opener, but anyone who uses it knows that it is more laborious. It's also not a matter of pleasure, pure energy, girls generally do not come, so they will not be used when they have to.

The most common is the butterfly-shaped bottle opener available in the supermarket. The improvement over the T-shaped bottle opener is the addition of handles on both sides. When in use, drill the corks into the oak plugs to the appropriate depth, and during this time, the handles on both sides will gradually rise, then pull them down and take the oak plug homeopathically. Like the T-shaped bottle opener, it is difficult to grasp. The difference is nothing more than a hundred steps and fifty steps.

The most "killing chicken with a slaughtered knife" bottle opener

The bottle opener developed into a lever opener, clearly has the meaning of “killing chickens with a slaughtered knife”. Its shape is too large and exaggerated compared to the opening of a bottle. It is said that this set of things was invented by an oil drilling engineer. The screw cone made of stainless steel can be straightened up and down, and the oak plug can be pulled out vertically within 15 seconds. However, such bottle openers are only suitable for places where running water is needed, and their high prices are daunting to ordinary people. There is also a pneumatic opener, which passes through the opener's air needle and penetrates the oak plug, which causes the oak plug to be ejected under pressure by air pumping. However, if you don’t master it well, it’s not impossible for “silver bottles to break through the water”.

The most stylish bottle opener

For ordinary people, butterfly-shaped bottle openers and wine knives should be the most suitable, but how to properly screw the screw cone into the oak plug, which plague every newcomer. Experts suggest that the screw cone should be aligned with the center of the oak plug and follow the vertical rotation to avoid drilling, otherwise the oak plug is not broken or broken. As for the depth of the drill, it is better not to pierce the oak plug to prevent the chips from falling into the bottle and affecting the taste.

Nowadays, the bottle opener is also embarking on the fashion line, and all kinds of colorful, light and delicate bottle openers make people love it. One of the most popular wine knives is the Zippo lighter, which has become a favorite for many people. The Chateau Laguiole wine knives, known as the "French Swordsman," are recognized as the art pieces of the wine knives. All of them are hand-made, so the world cannot find two identical Chateau Laguiole wine knives. To play with such a wine knife, perhaps only the player knows the state of mind

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