The most effective way to remove the smell of new home decoration pungent material

If you buy a new house, you will encounter such a problem more or less: the smell of pungent chemical materials brought by the new home decoration is difficult to remove at any time. No matter how much air freshener you use, the odor still nuisances you for a long time. Private space. Here are a few ways to help you quickly remove the taste of a new home and add an extra layer of protection to our health.

Method is a cliché

1. Properly open a window that does not directly dry the top of the wall for ventilation;

2, use a basin or a small bucket to fill the cold water, then add the right amount of vinegar in a ventilated room, and open the furniture door. In this way, the amount of water can be evaporated to protect the top coating surface of the wall, and the residual odor can be absorbed and absorbed;

3, if the economic conditions allow, you can buy some pineapples in each room, a few more large rooms. Because pineapple is a crude fiber-like fruit, it can absorb the smell of paint and achieve the clear fragrance of pineapple, speed up the removal of odor, and achieve the best of both worlds.

Method two citric acid wipe

How to remove residual odor in a renovated living room? The renovated room can't be checked in immediately. It should be ventilated and scented as much as possible, but it can't open all the doors and windows to ventilate, because it may bring disadvantages to the wall top paint just after construction, make the wall top quickly dry, prone to cracks and damage the appearance. . To achieve rapid removal of residual paint odor, cotton balls can be wetted with citric acid and hung indoors and in wood furniture, but this is too much trouble.

Method three fruit odor removal

The use of tropical fruits to remove odors has good effects, low cost and simple method. Some tropical fruits grow in tropical and subtropical environments, with plenty of sunshine, abundant rain, and a strong scent. The fruit contains a lot of water, and the strong fragrance can be distributed for a long time. Many people regard this kind of fruit as a natural and practical one. "Air cleaner".
Some citizens use jackfruit (a tropical fruit shaped like durian) to remove the chemical odor of newly renovated houses, and the effect is also very good. The newly renovated houses often have the smell of various pungent chemical materials such as Tianna Water. The jackfruit is placed in the house. Because the pineapple is large (usually as big as watermelon), the fragrance is very strong. You can absorb the odor.

Method 4 peel deodorization

Many people are worried about the gas emitted in the newly renovated room. In addition to opening the window, there seems to be no better way. actually not.

First of all, you can go to the market to pick some high-tech astringent cleaners, which can remove harmful gases from newly renovated rooms and new furniture. According to relevant sources, these astringent detergents are generally imported products, which use a chemical reaction between ammonia compounds and harmful substances, thus playing a role in cleansing. In the newly renovated room, the astringent detergent can be poured into the tray, and the trays are placed in each room, and combined with the scrubbing method, the bad smell can be effectively removed after several days.

In addition, placing orange peel, lemon peel and other items in the room is also a very effective way to taste, but they will not be effective.

Method, five methods, decontamination

How to remove odor, prevent discoloration, remove dirt

The newly renovated home will always encounter a variety of small problems, and there will be some embarrassing situations in the decoration of the house for a long time. Here are some tips for you to deal with.

Cleaning the paint brush The paint brushes will soon stick together and it will be difficult to clean. You can wipe the paint brush with a cloth first, take a glass of water, add a few drops of washing spirit, put the brush into a sputum, the paint immediately decomposes into a powder and loses its viscosity, and then rinses with water, it is clean.

In addition to the paint smell

A new wall or floor is often scented with a pungent paint and remains indoors for a long time, making people feel dizzy and uncomfortable. At this time you can put two basins of salt water indoors, and the paint smell will be quickly eliminated. If it is the smell of paint from wood furniture, it can be scrubbed several times with tea, and the paint smell will be eliminated faster.

Wipe the sofa food stains

The cloth sofa is contaminated with food and should be removed immediately. If it is contaminated by juice, tea, etc., first use a paper towel to remove moisture, then wipe it with a kitchen neutral detergent, and finally wipe it with water. Oily dirt such as chocolate is wiped with volatile oil.

Prevent yellowing of walls

To prevent the wall from yellowing, the following two methods may be a try: first, brush the wall first, then brush the floor, and then dry the floor, then brush a layer on the original wall to ensure that the wall is white. Another kind of pepper. Lantai Xiaozhu recommended

Decontamination of wooden floors

There is dirt on the floor, which can be removed by mixing with a weak alkaline washing solution with a small amount of ethanol. Because of the addition of ethanol, the detergency will increase. Bakelite flooring can also be used to remove dirt. Since ethanol can discolor the wooden floor, it should be applied to the dirt with a small amount of rag and mixed with a damp cloth. If the wooden floor is not discolored, you can use it with confidence.

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