Home decoration leaves blank exhibition charm

Appropriate blanks in the home can not only make the home seem to be congested because of furniture that is completely unnecessary, but also leave room for charm for future life.

The overall frame is left blank

For the current residential buildings, the pattern is often fixed, and the projects for wall-breaking and wall-building are relatively large, so it is best to make a full judgment on the possibility of the future at the beginning of the design. In the case of sufficient space, it is recommended to keep the original state of the space that is not clear for the purpose, and do not rush to make a big move.

This white space can often become a maneuvering part of the space, and can be temporarily given a temporary function according to the temporary changes in the home. For example, if you have a room, you can set it as a study room, a game room, a dressing room, or a storage room according to your preference. If you have relatives and friends, you have to stay for a few days. Then, it can be transformed into a guest room immediately; or on holidays, the family is full of friends, and sometimes you need a private reception room. This kind of white space setting not only leaves room for the future, but also provides various options for the present life.

Leave a blank on the color

With the popularity of various decorative styles, people began to accept, and even fascinated with some publicity or contrasting colors. If you change the visual habits and deep-rooted traditions that you have developed over the years for a pure style, the results are often not good. If the current stage of color chaos is a necessary stage for learning to use color, then we must enter the next stage as soon as possible -- correctly understand our preferences. Self-adjustment of some of the different parts of the style, with a home color that is suitable for both aesthetic and daily needs.

In terms of people's psychological acceptance, there are still a small number of dark wall paints in the home. Most of them still accept light-colored wall paints. Even if dark wall paint is chosen, it is also used locally. Special artistic effects. If you are not very confident about your color use, it is a wise decision to choose a light wall color. Even with the master of color, we recommend not to make the color of the home too fancy, to leave a proper blank.

There is a blank in the later accessories

When the house enters the late stage of decoration, many people will be more eager to show their collection or understanding of the home. In fact, you don't have to do everything at once, you should let the scene of life be in a process of accumulating and adjusting.

There are no fixed standards or norms for how furniture is placed, how it is matched, and how ornaments are decorated. Most of them come from personal understanding and needs. So when you haven't fully planned the layout of a space, you can put your own things in place and then slowly add and adjust other things. Such a process from a small to a large number is very normal, and people will transform the new space into a home in the process.

Leave a blank for future growth

White space not only gives room for people to be visually and psychologically, but for a home, it can leave room for future growth, and only such a home is energetic. If a family blindly pursues one step, there will often be a lot of negation and changes in the future.

Usually people's feelings about home things are new and old, so choosing furniture that can provide a multi-functional combination that can be stretched and stretched becomes a practical choice. This adjustable nature has largely alleviated the anxiety that people may have when choosing furniture in uncertain situations, and provides a more versatile solution for future life.

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