Living habits change the pie face

Maybe your body is not fat, but your face looks fleshy, believe it? In fact, your living habits make your face bigger and bigger, and there are ways to help us say goodbye to the ugly big pie face.

One: eliminate edema

Face-lifting strategy: pay attention to the cultivation of scientific eating habits

Cause: In fact, many women, originally with a delicate facial contour, but by their unconscious bad habits, leading to slight swelling and not knowing. But for the delicate face, the edema, even if it is only slight, is enough to make the outline appear a full circle, and it will kill the original good face.

Solution: In fact, this situation is still very well solved. Most people who are prone to facial edema are mostly caused by excessive salt intake. A large amount of salt that cannot be consumed is stored in the body, and slight salt poisoning occurs, which causes facial swelling. Therefore, be sure to control the intake of salt in your daily diet and try to keep your salt within scientific limits.

Also, pay attention to drink plenty of water. Drink plenty of water, not only can neutralize too much salt, but also add a lot of water to the skin. But one thing to pay special attention to is to avoid drinking plenty of water before going to sleep. Because the functions of the body are weakened during sleep, it is unable to absorb and decompose the large amount of water that is ingested before going to bed, resulting in edema. Some foods have natural properties to eliminate edema and help detoxification, such as kelp, black fungus, red beans, broccoli, etc., it is recommended to eat regularly.

Skinny sequelae: none

Effectiveness probability: 10%

Two: skin relaxation

Face-lifting Raiders: Firming and Face-lifting Products and Beauty Salon

Causes: Some women, although they usually pay attention to skin care, but lack sufficient UV protection, so under the long-term exposure to strong ultraviolet rays, the cell balance in the body is broken, and the defense ability is gradually lost, resulting in the skin losing its elasticity and vitality. . Moreover, as the age increases, the number of skin cells renewed is far less than the number of aging, and naturally there is relaxation.

Solution: At this time, you need to use some face-lift products that are specifically designed to tighten the skin. Of course, it is also essential to adhere to UV protection on weekdays. Choosing a face-lift product must be cautious. First of all, it depends on its main ingredients, whether it contains ingredients that make you susceptible to allergies, and listen to the opinions of friends who have used the product. Also, it is best to use a moderate massage. It can strengthen the absorption of the skin. If the skin has an adverse reaction, be sure to stop using the product and consult a specialist. In addition to using thin-faced products at home, I regularly go to the beauty salon to do related care, such as "stretching face", etc., can also receive good results. The face-lifting treatment is similar to our daily facial mask, for the skin in a short time. Carry out strong concentrated care, bringing more obvious face-lifting effect

Skinny sequelae: There are no sequelae except for individual allergies and discomfort.

Effective percentage: 50%

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