The most fashionable Japanese nude makeup creates a refined and beautiful look

The most popular makeup in the makeup industry this year is fresh nude makeup. Today, Xiaobian wants to teach everyone is a Japanese nude makeup that many girls are obsessed with. It’s a bit out of place but not exaggerated; it’s kind of artificial but not tweaking, this is the Japanese makeup that makes many girls obsessed. But love is returning to love, and there are several girls who can play Japanese makeup. Don't worry, today we will call you the most practical Japanese makeup skills, so that you can draw a beautiful look that is as exquisite as the magazine blockbuster.


Tip 1: The secret to choosing the color of the foundation

The color of the foundation should be correct with the choice of neck color. However, women usually focus on whitening their face only, so it is easy to make the face look whiter than the neck. If you don't match the neck color, it will give you a heavy makeup.


Tip 2: The makeup order of the makeup

Base cream before makeup → concealer → foundation

If the foundation is thicker on the concealer, the foundation should be applied after the concealer. In addition, the current makeup base cream is very good in texture, so it can be applied with a proper amount to make the makeup more natural.