Only 7 strokes to stimulate skin care potential

Perhaps you also have such confusion. Every day, the essence is still poorly absorbed, but the expensive cream is effective. Then the following 7 strokes can help you.

Skin care

1. Skin care immediately after cleaning

The moist skin after cleansing is like a sponge that absorbs skin care quickly. Skin care products can be effectively infiltrated into the skin after the skin is fully hydrated—such as after cleansing or after bathing. If you are using an anti-aging skin care product that stimulates collagen, you need to go deep into the skin to make it work. More important because water molecules can play a role in lubrication and penetration.

2. Break the horny "barrier" that hinders absorption

The skin that looks perfect, in the eyes of dermatologists, actually refers to the perfect cuticle. It protects the skin against various external aggressions and is our “protective wall”. However, once the wall is full of dead skin cells that should have fallen off, the "protective wall" will become a "barrier" that hinders the absorption of skin care products, and the effect of using the best products will be lacking.

Mild daily cleaning products can effectively remove dirt and grease from the pores, but to achieve the purpose of exfoliating and promoting the absorption of subsequent skin care products, it is necessary to use a cleaning product containing enzymes or acids, and a matte product containing tiny but round and smooth particles. And some special "polishing" cleansing devices.

Preparation for exfoliation is especially important for acne or injured skin. Because the cells of the acne skin are slightly sticky, removing them requires some help from external forces; while skin cells are slowed down by sun damage, it is equally important for skin exfoliation that is damaged by sunlight. Do this well, and then do the next targeted skin care, you will find that acne and sunburn are much better.

3. After coming first, pay attention to the maintenance order

It is smart to say that the skin is smart, and it is rigid and rigid. As far as skin care products are absorbed, the skin's operating mechanism is similar to that of airlines on a first-come-first-served basis. The first use of the product on the skin, the better the absorption effect. Therefore, if you especially want to get some kind of skin care results, whether it is anti-wrinkle, acne or whitening, please use the products designed for this problem at the forefront. If you want to use two products for different problems at the same time, but you can't figure out the molecular size of the product, the expert's suggestion is to use the most insurance on the thoroughly clean skin separately. After remembering this simple rule, you also need to remember that skin care products can be sorted by weight, from thin (essential) to thick (sunscreen or night cream), the only exception being vitamin A acid.

4. "Raise" a little bit

When you wash your face with warm water, the temperature on the surface of the skin rises slightly and the blood vessels and pores open. There is more space between the cells and the cells, allowing the skin care products to absorb better. When the skin is warm, the skin care ingredients will enter the skin and the speed of interaction with the cells will increase. Therefore, it is also a good reason to use massage products and some warm skin masks.

5. Add "small sputum" to the skin

If you have been suffering from the absorption of skin in autumn and winter, the simplest way to promote absorption is to apply a thick layer of cream with a closed effect at the end of the skin care step, just like I will give it to eczema or Patients with fresh cowhide are coated with a lipid-containing steroid cream. This helps prevent previous skin care ingredients from volatilizing, extending their time of contact with the skin, allowing the active ingredients in the essence to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Perhaps you also have such confusion. Every day, the essence is still poorly absorbed, but the expensive cream is effective. Then the following 7 strokes can help you.

6. For the beauty, please add calcium

The dryness of the skin appears earlier and earlier? Skin that is not allergic, is it sensitive now? All of these problems may be related to human calcium. In particular, for women, calcium not only brings bone health, but also the key to skin without traces, which has been ignored in the past. Therefore, please add some calcium-containing oral supplements in the name of beauty, and do not like research, but go deep into coffee, tea, cola and salt to prevent loss of calcium.

Nowadays, some skin care products have added calcium to the cells with high-efficiency micro-loaded calcium, which supplements the calcium of the cells.

7. Let the good ingredients and good ingredients "marry"

First of all, the most basic thing is to know the vitamin C and vitamin E pair of gold "couples", vitamin C is water-soluble, it is the "gift" of collagen, the synthesis of collagen in the skin requires vitamin C to participate, so it contains vitamins C's skin care products maintain skin's elasticity and whitening, regardless of its effectiveness. Vitamin E is fat-soluble. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps the skin to eliminate free radical damage and protect collagen. The "marriage" of the two is definitely a good day, not only will not affect the absorption, but also help each other.

Second, sunscreens and antioxidants are also a natural pair. The former is a UV absorber, while the latter neutralizes the free radicals brought by UV rays, and will be Miss before they cause damage to the skin. So if your sunscreen does not contain Kang Yang ingredients, you can apply a cream or essence containing antioxidants before applying sunscreen. Experts also pointed out that many antioxidants can also enhance the effectiveness of peptides. Antioxidants can improve the skin's self-protection and repair functions, making peptides more active and more capable of repairing collagen.

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