Su Yan's base makeup tips

Even if it is well maintained, it doesn't look like it doesn't look good. If you want to quickly master the makeup method, you can become a delicate natural beauty, regardless of the party or date, can become the focus of the crowd.

Su Yan's base makeup tips

Plain look

Step1, must-have pre-makeup maintenance 1. Mask is the best first-aid star, in which the mask is convenient and efficient, and the mud-like or cream-like smear mask will bring better grip to the skin. The trouble of cleaning inconvenience is not suitable for use before makeup.
2, after the makeup maintenance, worry about the skin easy to oil, you can try to use iced dry towel on the face, this can instantly reduce the surface temperature, shrink pores, will make the oil phenomenon improve a lot, can also reduce The problem of makeup removal.
Step 2, let the eyes around light up 1. Use a concealer with a pink, peach or yellow background to neutralize the blue eye and green circles. When the eye circles turn brown, the effect of using a yellow concealer is better.
2. If the dark circles are not very serious, do not apply the concealer under the eyes. Just use a small amount of concealer from the inside to the 1/3 of the eye line. This will make your eyes look bigger.
Step3, create a flawless transparent makeup 1, if you want to cover the local sputum, it is recommended to use the pearlescent base milk, and then partially conceal, at this time pearl light from the bottom layer, can reduce the powdery feeling, and pearl light has a specular reflection effect, can The fine lines are invisible.
2, to create a youthful and energetic makeup effect, after concealing, choose a foundation that is brighter than the skin tone, apply it on the T-shaped position, on both sides of the forehead and cheeks, to create a three-dimensional makeup, and then use the brush to modify the upper and lower circles. Let the foundation blend thoroughly with the skin. Or blending the pearlescent base in the liquid foundation can also improve the brightness of the skin.

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