Make-up remover must be thoroughly clean and guarded against 4 dead ends

Everyone knows that makeup needs to be removed after makeup. Is your makeup really correct? Is your face clean? Don't let these makeup removers become the source of your skin problems, and quickly clear the makeup remover, so that the makeup is really clean. !


Dead End 1: Cleansing milk is no longer used after cleansing oil

Some MMs think that after using a cleansing oil to remove makeup, you don't need to use facial cleanser to clean again.

Xiaobian: In fact, after using the makeup remover, it is easy to still leave some makeup on the face; and for oily skin, there is no clean cleansing oil to stay in the skin, which may cause pores to clog and cause acne.

Therefore, for the sake of your own skin, it is very necessary to use a mild cleansing product for secondary cleaning.


Dead End 2: Use only olive oil to remove makeup

If it is MM that is used to removing makeup with olive oil, it is ok to use a small area, but it cannot completely replace the cleansing oil.

Xiaobian: If your skin is oily, it is easy to get acne problems with olive oil. And pure olive oil has not been treated, the molecule is too large, so for some eyeshadows and blush with mica powder, it is powerless, which will lead to unclean makeup and leave a dead end.

For MM, which requires frequent large-area makeup removal, it is king to choose a special makeup remover.


Dead Corner 3: Applying Isolation, Sunscreen or BB Cream does not remove makeup

Many MM think that they don't wear makeup. They usually use sunscreen, cream or BB cream, so there is no need to remove makeup.

Xiaobian: In fact, even if you just use the above products, you need to remove makeup. The ingredients in sunscreen are usually very resistant to permeation. They can't be washed only with cleansing products. If they stay on the skin for a long time, they will cause damage to the skin and easily clog the pores. Isolation and BB cream contain silty, and After a day, mixing with the oil particles on your face will put a burden on the skin and need to be thoroughly cleaned.

So go home and use a gentle makeup remover to carefully clean the skin, allowing your pores to breathe freely.


Dead End 4: Do not remove residual lipstick

After a day, the lipstick that was painted before may have disappeared, but that doesn't mean you don't need to remove your lip makeup. Even if it seems that it is gone, the ingredients in the lipstick are likely to remain on the lips. If you use a lipstick that is not easily contaminated, use this lipstick-specific lip makeup remover to ensure that the lipstick is removed.

Xiaobian: If you ignore the residual components of the lipstick, long-term, it will cause pigmentation of the lips, and the color of the lips will become dull and aging.

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