Learn about cosmeceutical care for the skin

Speaking of cosmetics , everyone knows more, how much do you know about the drug makeup? Let's learn together.


Cosmeceutical refers to the world's most recognized and safest cosmetics that can change the skin of users. The concept of "cosmetic" comes from the beauty salon, which means between medicine and beauty products. The product. However, there is no “cosmeceutical” in the definition of cosmetics in China. At present, the national regulations on cosmetics are used for hair growth, hair dyeing, perming, hair removal, beauty, bodybuilding, deodorization, freckle, sunscreen. Cosmetics are collectively referred to as special-purpose cosmetics, the batch number is “Wei makeup special”, and the common cosmetics batch number is “Wei makeup standard”. Most of the approval numbers for cosmeceuticals in China are also “wei makeup”.


Numerous so-called cosmeceutical brands have been widely publicized in China, so that consumers have kept in mind the concept of cosmeceuticals and cosmeceuticals. They think that cosmeceuticals are good, but in fact, cosmeceuticals are more of a gimmick for business promotion.

Today's beauty market is mixed, whether it has high safety is not a simple "pharmaceutical" word can be guaranteed, whether the product really has high security depends on the composition of the product, see the product formula.

Everyone knows that many flavors are recognized as sources of allergies, so the cosmeceuticals on the market will emphasize their "no fragrance". However, some of the ingredients that regulate the skin contained in cosmeceuticals have a rather unpleasant taste. In order to cover up their unpleasant odor, many aromatic plant extracts are added, which makes the smell of the product appear more natural. . In fact, these aromatic plant extracts also contain skin irritation, allergic reactions or phototoxic reactions.


The Chinese have an interesting commonality - follow the trend. On the issue of cosmeceuticals, it seems to reflect this phenomenon from a certain level. From the beginning of China's entry into China, the cosmeceutical products seem to be the idea of ​​the Chinese people following the trend. However, it seems that there are not many people who really know what the cosmeceuticals are. The vague concept has created a bigger market for cosmeceuticals, but it has caused me to worry about the skin safety of Chinese people. The mixed market is not the same as the wind. If you still want to be responsible for your skin, it is recommended that you carry out certain sensitive tests before using the product, otherwise it will end up with the "stolen chicken does not eclipse the rice".

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