Breaking! Quick makeup tricks

The hot summer has become a big problem in makeup. Because of the sweating, the makeup often falls off. It is hard to draw a makeup. After a few hours, I started to take off makeup. So, how to remedy it? Let’s study summer together. The secret of makeup , oh, no trace of repair makeup, but also help the skin moisturize.

Moisturizing beauty liquid

If your makeup is not very serious, just remove the powder from the corners of your eyes, mouth or cheeks. Use a cotton swab to apply some moisturizing lotion, then gently spot the makeup. We sometimes find that some parts of the face are particularly dry, especially with MM mixed with dry skin. The moisturizing ingredients in the moisturizing lotion can quickly moisturize the dry skin, so that the makeup can be kept all day. .

If the makeup is found to have obvious boundaries with other parts after the makeup is finished, you can gently press the part with the fingertips to make the boundary transition naturally, and also promote the absorption of the moisturizing ingredients, killing two birds with one stone.

Oil blotting paper

How can oil-absorbent paper make up makeup? In fact, many times your makeup is easy to spend, not because of external damage, but because the makeup is too thick, blocking the pores, and the oil secretion is increased. Take the makeup ingredients away from the skin surface and let the makeup look. Come floating, easy to fall off. In particular, people who have dry skin in external oil should pay more attention to the use of oil-absorbing paper to absorb the oil on the skin surface before applying makeup with other cosmetics.

In summer, you can choose oil-absorbing paper that is not strong in oil absorption. When you use oil-absorbing paper, remember to use the pressing method, otherwise you will get the whole makeup.

Moisturizing powder

Moisturizing powder

If the makeup is more serious, then the foundation is absolutely essential. In the summer, whether you use liquid foundation or powder to make up your makeup, you should choose moisturizing and moisturizing function, and try to use a better quality sponge to make up the makeup. If the sponge is too inferior or not clean, Will make the makeup more and more flowers! The method of making up the makeup is also to be lightly pressed. If you want to make up the thickness, don't make it up at once. You have to divide it several times and stack it layer by layer. This can avoid the embarrassment that is too thick and too fake.

When using the liquid foundation to make up the makeup, let the liquid foundation stay on the back of the hand for a longer time, let the body temperature completely "thaw" the liquid foundation that has just been poured out, evenly, the makeup will look good.

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