The knowledge of perfume: smelling a man

For many men , the word " perfume " sounds more feminine. Small bottles of perfume that are too well packaged may stimulate sensitive self-esteem. But now, perfume manufacturers are trying to break the silence of men.

Perfume effect

Dr. Robert of the University of Liverpool is working with his colleagues from Unilever Labs to do a research. They know that a suitable fragrance can improve and enhance the user's mindset and feel. But through research, they also found that when a man changes his body's odor, such a change can even increase a man's self-confidence, so that the way to attract women to pay attention to them. This finding and research conclusions will be published in the latest issue of the International Cosmetics Science Journal.

In Dr. Robert's research, half of the volunteers were sprayed with a blend of flavors and antibacterial ingredients in the market, and the other half used the same spray, but no active ingredients. This arrangement is designed to make it impossible for researchers to distinguish between valid samples and interference samples. Every volunteer apparently knew the spray he used because he could smell it. However, since the volunteers were not informed of the actual experimental purpose, the interference group did not compare with the person who sprayed the normal perfume.

A few days later, Dr. Robert's team conducted a series of psychological tests on both groups of volunteers. They found that those who sprayed a normal scent of perfume had a marked increase in self-confidence. This is not surprising. What is really amazing is that the volunteers in the group have visually attracted the attention of women under the influence of self-confidence, rather than attracting women through the guidance of fragrance. Some women have only seen the silent video clips of volunteers and think that the men in the experimental group sprayed with perfume are more attractive. And if you only see photos of volunteers for these women, they can't distinguish between the two groups. This point shows that the difference in female identification results is due to the behavior and behavior of the male in the experimental group, not the appearance of the male.

This is an important finding for Unilever and other perfume manufacturers. The men's fragrance market is their main market in the region, a fragrance called Lynx, which ignites the so-called “Lynx effect” – giving men the temptation to make women irresistible. Dr. Robert's experiment suggests that the scenes in which perfumes with Lynx are more likely to attract women are basically irrelevant to women's preference for scent. The key is the impact of perfume on men's psychology.

This is not the only case that explains the role of perfume. But the experiment reveals that perfume makes people more compelling secrets, it is not as we usually see.

Perfume theory

There are currently three theories about the use of perfume. First, the purpose of people using perfume is to cover up the taste that makes them feel bad. Second, some perfumes contain biochemical pheromones that mimic human enzymes. Although some are mysterious, the mysterious substance is unique in some people's eyes. The thing that can play a role in courtship; third, people use perfume to consolidate and enhance the natural body fragrance, thereby demonstrating their sexual attraction and the attitude they are willing to pursue.

As for the existence of biochemical pheromones, the existence of this substance is still inconclusive. Biochemical pheromones are capable of inducing specific behavioral responses over long distances. For example, some insects can attract insects from insects that are several kilometers away from the spouse by releasing sex pheromones. The substance imagined in humans is the steroid androstenone, a testosterone derivative that was first discovered in men's sweat. Through brain scans, the researchers found that the substance stimulates activity in parts of the female brain. But the findings that led to behavioral changes have not been validated.

"We believe that pheromone exists, but it does not play a role in attracting the opposite sex, its efficacy," said Terry Mara, a spokesperson for the Institute of Olfactory (a research institute in New York that is closely linked to the perfume industry). It is to improve people's emotions, not to attract spouses.

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