Pure beauty makeup PK Zhou Dongyu purest pure

In the summer, MM are returning to clean, natural nude makeup . What is nude makeup? Naked makeup is that even if the makeup is made, people can't see the traces of makeup. Therefore, there are many clean and beautiful stars of the clean and generous makeup we can learn from, whether it is nude makeup or plain, it can be sexy and sweet in the summer.

Zhou Dongyu

Pure beauty makeup PK

On July 25th, 2011, Shanghai, Zhou Dongyu appeared in the movie "Tears of the Fallen City" to view a clubhouse on the Bund. Pink lapels plaid shirt skirt + camel narrow belt decoration, lower body gray stockings, feet wearing black low waist leather boots. The fresh-school girl next door often wears a light makeup, which matches the characters she played. She can describe her with green and pure beauty.


Pure beauty makeup PK

Recently, the film "New Mother Loves Me Again" held a press conference. Lu Yi and Jing Tian held a wedding at the scene, and the combination of the golden boy and the girl was enviable. Pure and enchanting in a sweet scene, the light eyebrows are her magic weapon to create makeup!

Yao Di

Pure beauty makeup PK

With the hit drama "Naked Marriage Age", the popular "national girlfriend" Yao Di exposed the latest set of photo photos. The Yao Di in the film is long and casual, with a little lazy little fresh temperament. Kind of style.

Variety of big eyes MM Yao Di Liu Hai is very habitually tied up, so that the whole person looks like a small woman charming, clean and refreshing.

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