Helichrysum Fu Yan repair series crack youth password

In August 2011, L'OCCITANE launched the ultimate anti-aging series - the immortality repair series . Loved by many women around the world, L'OCCITANE L'Occitane's anti-aging effect of "Ilichrysum", and the perfect combination of magical peach wood extract, gives the skin a source of youth, bringing infinite vitality and vitality!

L'Occitane Helichrysum Makeup Repair Series
L'Occitane Helichrysum Makeup Repair Series

Kai Yan Lizhen double natural beauty repair over the years, L'OCCITANE L'Occitane is committed to looking for anti-aging formula in the treasure house of nature, and finally in the beautiful French island of Corsica, moved and found the miracle beauty of nature, we found crossing The secret of time - organic wax daisy and fragrant peach wood growing on the island. L'OCCITANE combines the dual elements of this registered patent with the research strength to develop an extraordinary anti-aging skin care product, with the power of nature, comprehensively confronting the traces of the years, and cracking the mystery of youth regeneration.
Flower with eternal vitality - Helichrysum Immortelle
The name of Helichrysum is Helichrysum italicum, which is derived from the Greek word for the sun (Helios) and the golden (Chrysos), meaning that its flowers are as dazzling as the golden sun. Helichrysum grows in the Mediterranean coast, and even after picking it, the flowers never fade, so they are also called the flower of eternal. About a ton of flowers can only extract one to two liters of essential oil, which is very precious.
The efficacy of organic helichrysum oil:
Effectively promote collagen synthesis up to 600%, help rebuild fibrous tissue and increase dermal firmness, make skin firmer, clearer facial contours provide rich nutrition and oxygen for cells, accelerate muscle microcirculation and cell regeneration, help Improves skin radiance 100% inhibits collagen enzyme, prevents damage to collagen fiber, strong anti-free radical effect, prevents oxidation leading to premature aging of cells, and uses microcapsule slow release system technology to continuously release organic wax daisy essence oil, so that skin continuously absorbs skin essence Awakening the vitality of skin - Myrtle
The fragrant walnut is a shrub of the Corsican maquis growing in the wild in Corsica. The white flowers are fragrant and the aroma is a local character. The fragrant mahogany is a symbol of vitality, with excellent regenerative capacity and a life span of up to 300 years. L'OCCITANE has thoroughly studied its wonderful effects and found that the fragrant peach oil has an incredible rejuvenation and youthful repairing effect, and makes the aged fibroblasts return to a young state.
L'OCCITANE's fragrant peach oil is supplied by two distillation companies in Corsica. After picking the fragrant buds of the fragrant peach, they are distilled on the spot to extract the best quality oil. The most precious active ingredient.
The efficacy of fragrant peach oil:
Activates the longevity gene Sirt 1 in skin cells, stimulating fibroblasts to increase the production of longevity proteins by up to 25%
The epidermal cells prolong their lifespan and maintain their youthful state. The aging fibroblasts can restore the vitality of the younger fibroblasts to 93%. The aging process can help the skin regain its vitality and vitality. L'OCCITANE L'Occitane The highly concentrated essence extracted by the youthful plant, combined with the multiple formulas of hyaluronic acid, trace elements and vitamin C, provides a deep and intensive comprehensive repair in real time. The gel-like texture gives excellent penetration and instantly absorbs the skin. Time flies back, regaining the eternal beauty of the United States.
L'OCCITANE has always advocated a confident, independent, active and life-loving attitude towards life, without blindly chasing fashion but knowing the true self. L'OCCITANE L'Occitane uses its unique brand spirit to invigorate the quality of life and give it a pleasant body and mind. L'OCCITANE L'Occitane opens up the natural beauty and makes the skin condense in youth!

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